Best Ways To Boost Conversions On Your Shopify Store
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Best Ways To Boost Conversions On Your Shopify Store

14 Nov 2023

The aim of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is to ensure that users visiting your Shopify website will go through with their purchase. While there is no growth hack to ensure that your Shopify conversions become profitable overnight, there are effective ways to increase your sales and conversions progressively.

But first, what is conversion rate optimisation?

The end result of CRO involves strategies to boost the number of website visitors who will take action, such as offering appealing signups and purchasing rewards, as well as free trials. In order to attract visitors to perform a desired action, you will need to employ persuasive psychology through your web design, such as A/B or split testing.

How to calculate the conversion rate?

Knowing the conversion rate of your Shopify store helps you be aware of its performance, whether your eCommerce site is encouraging visitors to purchase your products or services. Here is how you can calculate your Shopify store’s conversion rate: (Total amount of conversions / Number of visitors) x 100%.

With that being said, what is the ideal conversion rate? According to the latest benchmark, a “good” eCommerce site’s conversion rate falls anywhere from 2% to 5%, regardless of industry. Your conversion rate will increase progressively as you employ the following tried-and-true strategies.

1. Work on your Shopify store’s SEO

SEO ensures your website appears on search engines’ results pages when users search for a related keyword or keyphrase. Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes is a way to help you optimise your eCommerce pages and drive traffic to your Shopify store. Research the possible search terms they use to look for products and services similar to yours. Ensure those search terms are included in your content.

Although SEO is a vast field, using some of the fundamental principles, such as using short, descriptive URLs and generating keyword-rich meta tags for each targeted page, will help attract customers with search intent and boost lead generation.

2. Create a clear call to action on your homepage

Your homepage has to display where your customers can find your products or services. In order for your Shopify store to be effective, focus on a strong CTA button that stands out immediately. Having a distinct CTA button helps to entice your customers to go through with their purchase. However, you will also need to supplement your CTA button with other elements, such as a hero image of your newly launched or most popular product, a navigation bar, and a catchy SEO-optimised headline.

3. Having a responsive eCommerce website that loads quickly

Load speed plays a significant role in how long visitors stay on your website. Google has stated that most visitors will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. While many Shopify features can help to boost the number of sales, it might also cause your store to load slowly. Hence, it’s best you assess your Shopify store, optimising every image and removing every unused plugin. You will also want your Shopify store to have a responsive web design.

4. Use a cross-selling widget

Several eCommerce sites promote up- or cross-selling, showing related products when customers enter a specific product page and label them as ‘similar items’, ‘customers also bought’, or ‘customers who viewed this also viewed’. Cross-selling widgets are able to turn bounces into sales should the initial choice is not ideal. They can also help to increase your earnings from each order.

5. Use clear product images

A successful Shopify store has to have clear product images. Not only do they provide a comprehensive and accurate overview of your products, but they also help to instil confidence and trust in your brand, allowing your customers to make sound purchasing decisions.

A clear product image should provide accurate colour, texture, and characteristics to give customers a real feel of what they might be purchasing. Using a picture carousel to display the product in varying angles with a zoom feature can help boost conversions.

6. Display customer reviews and testimonials

Social proof is vital in conveying customer trust in your brand. Any declarations in the product’s description can instantly increase the reliability of your brand. Shopify offers a free feature for adding customer reviews and testimonials.

7. Include different payment options and trust badges on your payment screen

Under the Shopify admin settings, you can enable various payment options in the payment providers section. The enabled options will then be visible to customers during checkout. It is advantageous to include different payment options so that customers can purchase your product using their preferred payment method.


CRO is all about optimising your Shopify store in such a way it becomes reliable and easy to use. With the addition of ensuring that it has a responsive web design, you can improve your customers’ online shopping experience. To boost your Shopify store’s CRO, always observe your customers’ online behaviour. Being aware of where they face certain issues or where they spend most of their time can help you design an eCommerce site that guides them to make a purchase.

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