ecommerce shopping carts comparison between shopify and prestashop

E-Commerce Guide for Beginners(3/3): Maintenance & Extra Features

So you have set up your e-commerce store. The next step is to maintain the website well so it serves the very purpose you got it in the first place - make sales online. In this final article of the series, we will delve into the components of managing an e-store from inventory, orders to customer management. Other extra features ...
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difference between web design and ux design

Differences Between Web and UX Design

In a highly connected world, it’s not surprising that businesses want their name, products, and services to be widely accessible. Although creating a website on its own is great, a good design can go a long way in expanding the reach of a business. A website with a good design can attract and retain customers just because they feel at ...
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best practices of responsive design

Best Practices of Responsive Web Design

You've heard about responsive web design, but what does it mean? And why does it matter? Responsive web design is the process of creating websites that can adapt to any screen size. This means that you can use one codebase to create a website for multiple screen sizes. The benefits to this approach are obvious: users get a more natural ...
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improve website performance

Tips to Improve Website Performance

Having a robust website is essential in today’s world. Your website is typically the first source potential customers go to find information about your business. Hence it could be tempting to stuff your website with as much content as possible. It’s not recommended to do this however as it will severely impact your page loading speed. Why is this important?The ...
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best prestashop websites

Best PrestaShop E-commerce Stores

You might've heard of PrestaShop when searching for an e-commerce platform for your business. If you need a refresher on PrestaShop’s features, we've got you covered here. The best way to study them of course is to examine actual live PrestaShop e-commerce stores! Here are 4 examples of PrestaShop e-commerce websites and their notable features. And with Deepavali coming soon, ...
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best features of shopify part 2

Best Features of Shopify: Part 2 of 2

In our previous article, we covered four features of Shopify that we think you will find useful for your eCommerce business. In this article, we cover two more features that we think you shouldn’t miss out on.Personalisation is a very powerful tool. To have an effective marketing campaign, giving your customer personalised and relevant information is crucial in customer engagement ...
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cms in website design

CMS and its uses in website design

The arena of website design has undergone a lot of changes in recent years. What used to be a niche of tech-savvy developers now is within the purview of any generic user. CMS is widely employed by companies worldwide. Research indicates that around 73 million websites are built with CMS tools. As of 2021, only 36% of websites are hand-coded ...
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top stock photo websites

Top 10 Stock Photo Websites

Whether you are a student, a web agency or a graphic designer, you’ll likely need to source high-quality images for your project or business. We’ve compiled a list of the best stock websites that you are sure to find useful. For your convenience, we’ve also included 5 free and 5 paid stock photo websites. Before we start however, let’s quickly ...
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5 website design tips to improve website ranking

Improve Your Website Ranking With 5 Simple Tips

You have a beautiful website but still not getting visitors? The problem could be people are just not finding your website because of your poor website ranking. Search engine optimization(SEO) and web design are two separate but equally important parts of creating a successful website. Web design is responsible for the look and feel of your site, while SEO is ...
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best features of shopify

Best Features of Shopify: Part 1 of 2

By now, you’ve probably heard of Shopify - one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there today. With nearly 4 million Shopify users in 2022 alone, it’s clear that Shopify is quickly becoming one of the top go-to platforms for eCommerce businesses. But what’s so good about it? In this article, we list out the top stand-out features that ...
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