Technical Support

We have an in-house web design and development team capable of responding quickly to your emergency or day-to-day technical support needs.

Whether you have a need to fix a critical bug, perform an urgent system modification, upgrade your CMS to future-proof it, or react to Google’s latest search ranking algorithm change – Just talk to us.

For web systems not created by eFusion, we will assess and advise you on the next steps accordingly.

For our solutions, our inclusive technical support scope should hand hold you long enough to maximise the potential of your investment.

Tech Support Consultation

Why Us?

Content updates

Focus on your business instead of spending precious hours attending to the minutiae of updating your website. Take the load off your team and let us take care of your content changes such as:

  • Copywriting for new services or products
  • New banner designs for upcoming promotions
  • Blog articles to give your website an additional SEO boost
  • Designing an infographic to enhance your service explanations
  • Creating a video hero banner to make your website more visually impactful
  • Creating a new set of pages for your upcoming big event

These tasks will be handled by the same creative and competent team who built your website.

Feature updates and system integration

Your current web vendor might have become uncontactable, closed their business, or perhaps you don’t wish to continue working with them.

Engage us to:

  • Take over and finish incomplete development jobs
  • Integrate new payment gateways or a 3rd party system such as ERP, CRM, POS, etc.
  • Improve the existing functionalities or add new features
  • Update the design template or UI/UX to suit current trend

We can help you to salvage your original investment.

Virus removal or fixing a broken website

Website CMSes and other web-based systems are vulnerable to hacking and malware infection. Hackers may surreptitiously modify your website to create hidden backlinks to their own dodgy websites to raise their search ranking and traffic. Others may hold your website ransom for a hefty payment.

These may result in your website being blocked by Google and major anti-virus software, or suspended by your webhosting provider.

Common signs of suspicious activities:

  • Web forms mysteriously stop working – customers may not be able to reach you
  • Google placing a red warning on your website “this website may have been hacked”
  • Unusually frequent 500 internal server errors
  • Random links appearing on your pages that were not added by admins
  • Web server running at extremely slow speeds or consuming high resources
  • Warnings from your webhosting provider, or partial/full suspension of hosting services
  • Receiving a lot of bounced emails which seems to originate from your website

Your search ranking would also drop drastically. Worse, a defaced or infected website may send your business partners and clients talking about the poor integrity of your key marketing platform.

Contact us promptly for an evaluation of your website.

System patches and backup

Let us handle your CMS backups and updates for peace of mind. We will take charge of backing up your website, applying security patches and version updates on a regular basis. A report will be provided at to you at the end of each back-up and update.

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