This is an initiative from IMDA known as BETTER DATA-DRIVEN BUSINESS (BDDB) to raise level of data maturity among SMEs.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tool is made available to SMEs to put the data collected to better use.

Businesses using IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital pre-approved solutions such as point-of-sale (POS), human resource management (HRMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) or e-commerce systems will be able to find their data already aligned to the requirements of the BI tool.

Collected data can be easily found within our existing systems like eCommerce, Inventory Software and others. With BI Tool, SMEs can make more informed decisions on the Product Sales, Retaining Engaged Customers, Lowering Inventory Costs and more.

The Ultimate Goal

  • Helping more businesses to use data to derive near-term business value and be more confident about using data.
  • Target SMEs that already collect data but face challenges in using it for insights or broader use cases.

How SME Benefit

5 Common Business Objectives* With Dashboards To Get Insights And Suggestions On Next Actionable Steps

*You may have more than ONE of the mentioned where applicable.

Grow Product Sales

Acquire New Customers

Retain & Engage Customers

Improve HR Planning

Lower Inventory Costs

Desktop-Based Business Intelligence (BI) Tool

Increase Top Line
Improve Bottom Line

Happy Customers/ Employees

How It Works

Login & Export

Login via admin into system and select the BDDB report, click download and export file.

Import Data

Import the processed
transaction file into the Pre-
defined Data Template.

Validate Data

Use the “Validate Data” function to check for data completeness or consistency.

Load Data

 Load data into the Pre-defined Dashboard template to generate the charts automatically.

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