Best Methods To Boost Lead Generation For Your Website
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Best Methods To Boost Lead Generation For Your Website

17 Oct 2023

With the right knowledge and a little research, pretty much anybody is able to create a website. However, not everybody creates a website that not only has a responsive web design but also is able to generate leads and traffic that meets their business goals.

Hence, whether you are running an eCommerce store or a blog site, it is vital that your digital marketing strategy is fundamentally strong enough to garner positive results. In this article, we have compiled some of the best methods you can adopt to improve your website’s lead generation.

1. Capture emails before the official launch

If you are looking to stay ahead of the competition, a coming soon page is critical.

Your website may still be in the process of completion, but that does not mean you cannot begin generating leads. Just because your website is not ready for public use does not mean you cannot capture emails and grow your potential customer list for your marketing strategy.

Rather than having visitors keep on going to your website for updates on the official launch, having a coming soon page with a “notify me” form will encourage visitors to keep up to date with your brand and be notified when your official launch is happening.

2. Add forms on every webpage with high-traffic

Your website is worthless if you do not maximise the use of lead forms to collect your visitors’ key information, such as their email addresses. If you do not have any means of maintaining contact with them, getting sufficient leads for your website is nearly impossible. Hence, adding forms on high-traffic web pages is one way of doing so. More forms mean more opportunities for lead generation.

However, you will need to use trustworthy software that will help to attract visitors’ attention and guarantee their information is kept safe and secure. There are a couple of techniques you can employ to attract your visitors’ attention and collect their key information, such as building an interactive quiz form or creating an online calculator form. You may even want to offer incentives in return for filling out the forms, too!

3. Employ exit-intent technology

Some studies have shown that across every industry, a visitor spends, on average, 52 seconds on a webpage before leaving for another website. Furthermore, only 55 per cent of them spend 15 seconds interacting actively with the site, with most just scrolling through the various web pages.

That is not sufficient time to grab their attention, maintain it, and encourage them to take action. If you want to generate leads, you have to take into consideration the possibility of their intention to leave your site and leverage that.

Employing exit-intent technology that tracks your visitors’ movements on your website and determines when they are about to leave without taking action is one way of generating leads. When the visitor scrolls their mouse towards the exit button, that movement triggers a popup notification that encourages them to sign up for notifications on future promotions and events.

4. Incorporate live chats to boost conversion rates

According to various trend reports, Singapore has one of the fastest customer response times of six hours. This is significantly faster than the average customer response time of 12 hours. Despite our quick response time, it is still too slow for many customers.

With the rapid advance in technology, consumers and businesses are finding it easier to connect. Hence, it is not a surprise that consumers demand an immediate response. For that reason, live chats are ideal solutions. By being readily available 24/7, any queries can be answered immediately without having to wait for a representative to get in touch during operational hours.

Alternatively, you could also implement phone service calls by adding to your website a simple callback form.

5. Create a responsive UX to optimise your website

Consider how your visitors will navigate through your website. Putting yourself in their shoes, ask yourself specific questions, such as what the challenges they might face while navigating through your website, whether the overall web design hinders or improves their experience, or whether they are moving down your sales funnel the way you envision.

In order to generate leads, your website needs to have a seamless and responsive UX. Once you have set down in place a solid UX strategy, your visitors are able to know exactly where to access targeted information on your website.

Also, making sure that you have a mobile-friendly and error-free website is vital to generating leads. According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, there are more than 7.33 billion mobile users globally, meaning 90.9 per cent of the global population owns a mobile device. Missing out such a significant number certainly does not help your business goals. If your website is not responsive and mobile-friendly, fix it immediately!


It certainly is exciting to witness the rise in number of visitors as you analyse your website data. However, if the numbers are not what you are expecting, it probably is time to do something.

From implementing new tools, such as exit-intent technology, to creating a responsive UX, considering various elements of your website and how they can offer your visitors something beneficial and insightful can help boost your lead generation.

Of course, all these can easily be done on your own or by engaging a comprehensive website design company, such as EFUSION. As one of the leading web design firms in Singapore, our team of experienced designers, developers, and programmers is able to transform your vision into reality, creating a website that not only brings value to your visitors but also your brand.

With the PSG eCommerce grant, we are able to offer quality all-in-one solutions, from Shopify and SHOPLINE implementation to eCommerce web design services. Contact us to boost your website lead generation today!

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