3 Reasons Why a Website Coming Soon Page Is Necessary
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3 Reasons Why a Website Coming Soon Page Is Necessary

2 Oct 2023

We all have seen this situation happening quite often. A business might long be operational, but its website is either not ready or not done at all. The thing about business websites is that they are almost always the first or second way, other than Facebook, where customers find out more about your brand.

If you are already using a domain email, such as [email protected], your customers are naturally going to assume that typing https://www.bigbags.com will bring them to your website. However, if the website does not exist or is not ready, their experience with your business ends the moment they enter that link and achieve nothing.

Do not miss out on such an opportunity to gain a steady foothold. A Website Coming Soon page is vital for building up your brand’s impression, generating leads, and conveying crucial information to the public. Without further ado, here are three reasons why a Website Coming Soon page is critical.

Reason #1: SEO foothold

There are 8 stages to designing a website, and most website design companies should be able to complete the job in about one to three months, depending on the complexity of the web design. Google places significant emphasis on website indexing. Basically, website indexing is one of the initial steps after the search engine crawls through your website to understand what your website is all about in order to rank them appropriately on SERPs.

Creating a Website Coming Soon page that combines web design and SEO elements will ensure that you rank well even before the official launch of your website, fast-tracking your SEO reputation.

Reason #2: Displaying vital business information

When customers search for your website and land on your Website Coming Soon page, they should at least have access to vital information, such as your business contact information, social media, and office location. Additionally, a business summary introduction should also be crafted so that customers know that they are in the right place. Lastly, you should also include the date of the official launching of your website so that your customers are able to access it and see what they are looking for.

Reason #3: Lead generation for your business website

Why miss out on significant opportunities to gain traction and achieve a ‘queue’ for your brand? It does not matter what industry or sector your brand operates in. Including a call-to-action (CTA) on your Website Coming Soon page allows them to interact with your business even before its official launch.

You can do so by getting them to leave their email so that they can be informed when your website is launched officially. Alternatively, if your brand is running a concurrent opening event and/or there is a special opening promotion or discount, they would also be able to be informed through their email.


An effective Website Coming Soon page can help your brand build anticipation and awareness about your upcoming launch. A Coming Soon page does not have to be used only for the launch of your business website. You should use it for service or product pre-release announcements, website redesign, business rebranding, or conference and event promotions.

Despite it being just a landing page, you should still ensure that it still has a responsive web design. That is where EFUSION comes in. With our award-winning web design services, we will ensure that your business achieves traction from start to end. Contact us to get started on a responsive and captivating business website today!

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