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LaundryMart provides 24/7 Laundromat and Dry Cleaning services. Their ecommerce shop sells heavy duty hangers and other laundry shop supplies. Their website also includes details on franchise application along with all the different services they provide.

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Case Study

LAUNDRYMART is a Singapore based company focusing on smart laundry solutions since 2010. LAUNDRYMART provides for a wide range of clients from residential to retail to commercial. Other than laundry service, they also innovate and adopt latest technologies to better cater to their clients’ needs through Smart solutions.

Their services include helping laundry business owners set up automatic coin laundry, unmanned dry clean store, industrial conveyor, and cashless payment solutions. They also have their franchise program that helps new start-ups set up automatic laundry and dry clean business in a short period of time.

As their brand gained a wider client and franchise base, it was important for their web presence to keep up. LAUNDRYMART needed an e-commerce website to widen the reach of customers and consolidate all their services and products. eFusion Technology has partnered closely and assisted them in the design and development of their e-commerce website which fulfils their requirements of: 


  1. Allows customers to submit an enquiry about a specific service or product which simplifies the enquiry process for customers since they do not need to remember any product code nor look for the email address for enquiries. add a product they like to their wishlist, where these items can be stored. 
  2. Those interested in the franchise programme can fill up the application form embedded onto the website making it fuss-free
  3. The eFusion Technology team also ensured the website has a mobile responsive layout such that it could be more accessible to customers of Laundrymart to shop online and view services on mobile phones.
  4. Call to action buttons including “Book a pick up” and the Whatsapp icon linking clients to a Whatsapp chat ensures that clients are clearly directed to the action which they want to accomplish.
  5. Map integration to show the location of LAUNDRYMART outlets for ease of location of customers.  
  6. eFusion Technology’s design team worked closely with LAUNDRYMART to ensure the online store’s brand method is reflected in the modern minimalistic and full-width design of the website.
  7. Taking into account the future expansion and growth, the online store is built on a secure, robust and scalable system, ready for future phases of further enhancements.
  8. The flexible and convenient CMS allows LAUNDRYMART’s team to update their latest products easily on a regular basis, run more targeted marketing campaigns to funnel customers to specific product categories and keep costs low.
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