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What makes a great ecommerce website

26 Jul 2018

For business world-wide, one of the way for both buyer and seller to trade is through the use of the website. With so many people shopping online for either goods or services, it is important to have a website that is both pleasing to view and easy to use. And depending on your industry, giving an option that allows customer to buy a product directly from your website can be a good advantage as it allow you to not lose out on customer due to complexity or other competitors that may have this option already.


One of the most important thing for an e-commerce website is design, since it may be the first thing that the customer will notice when they enter your website. If your design is messy and unorganized, the users may be baffled and may just leave the website immediately.

2.Product Selections

Sometimes, you may want to have a huge selection of goods for your customer to choose from, however having too many choices may end up cost you a fortune in a long run. Sometimes limiting the choices can allow the customer to find the product quickly and reduce the possibility of the customer of having decision paralysis.

3.Detailed Product Description

While this may be very obvious but providing your customer with simple, clear and accurate details can speed up or simplify his or her decision. Some of the common information are

  • Clothing size
  • Colours
  • Dimensions of the products
  • Materials used
  • Warranties

If there are more complexes questions, it would be better to include a FAQ’s section/pages to deal with any doubts


Security feature are important since online transactions is part of the e-commerce business. It will be a lucrative target of cybercriminals, so taking steps to protect customer personal information and safety of your website is crucial.

Some of the security feature you can consider are

  • SSL certificate
  • Two-factors authentication
  • Privacy policy

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