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How to Improve Your Website Design?

30 Apr 2020

Even in 2020, website design is still something that requires mastery. You need to meet the needs of your customers while coming up with a masterpiece that would top in the search engine results. It means that there are things you have to consider from your site-map, log-in page, folds, and even your static backgrounds.

Many things could be improved on your website design. The design that might have worked for you five years ago would probably cease on being effective today, but not everything modern is going to work for every type of business. This article is going to show you five ways in which you can improve your website design no matter the type of business you have.

Less is more with the design

Web design embraces minimalism and a simplistic approach. A design that focuses on the important headlines and subheads is always going to work since not everyone takes their time to read everything.

Many years ago, web designs were incredibly complex. Like back in the 2000s where websites are all sparkly and “texty” to drive the search engines to read it and rank it. Today, all that has changed as did the many SEO magical methods that focus on quality as opposed to quantity, so clean and flat designs are very much in, and this is what brands are steadily trying to adapt to.

Impress your visitors with your products not by how flashy your website looks. Furthermore, fancy website graphics will only slow down your site.

Responsive design is the new black

Responsive web design in Singapore is key to a city-country where the majority of its citizens are on their smartphones. Over 80% of Singapore’s population use smartphones, according to The Global State of Digital in 2019 Report. Singaporeans have an average daily time spent using the internet on any device of 7 hours 02 minutes, an average daily time spent using social media via any device of 2 hours 08 minutes, an average daily TV viewing time of 2 hours 26 minutes, and an average daily time spent listening to streaming music of 1 hour 01 minute.

These are all significant numbers and it would continue to increase over time. If your website is not ready for mobile, you are going to have a hard time keeping visitors on your pages.

Simple yet direct navigation

Consumers that land on your page should be able to get to any page within two seconds. Websites are a lot like a store. People come in often knowing what they need and use signs to figure out where the items are they are looking for. On your site, people use menus and other website navigation cues to get around, too.

Also, you have to think of your analytics. Poor website navigation can gravely affect your marketing, your bounce rate would flare up and your conversion would take a dip. Website design services know that to earn links and gain credibility, people need to be able to find everything with no effort. Do not give them too many options. For less important pages, stick them in sub-menus.

Accessible contact info

The main function of a contact page is to get visitors interested. If they like what they see and it is easy to contact you, why would they not make a call or fill a form?

However, sometimes it is unbelievable how difficult it is to get in contact with the owners of a website. Your contact information should be available on every page in some form of side menu, or in the footer. If you are making it difficult for people to get in touch, you could already be losing potential leads.

Everything must be a landing page

Each page of a website is equally essential in web design, but why then all noise is about the About Us page, landing or home page? While there are pages that could be above the others because so many people concentrate on the Home page and neglect the rest of the site; it is important to see every page as an opportunity to force people further down the sales funnel.

Imagine that every page is a landing page, which means it should in some way be contributing to making a sale.

So, you have improved your web design, what now?

Web design trends change all the time, and so do the demands of customers. It is important to review your website every six months to see what’s current and what people are demanding. This does not mean that you need to opt for a complete redesign. What it does mean is that you should see if you can make some minor tweaks, after all, there would always be room for improvement.

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