Best Features of SHOPLINE: Part 2 of 2 e-commerce platform
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Best Features of SHOPLINE: Part 2 of 2

13 Feb 2023

In our previous article, we wrote about SHOPLINE, and some of the notable features it had that set it apart from other e-commerce platforms. In this article, we’ll be doing a deeper dive into two of what we think are SHOPLINE’s most important features. 

Advertising Integrations

SHOPLINE offers merchants several ways of advertising their store. Below, we’ll go into detail about how these integrations can help your business to reach a wider audience more efficiently.

Google Ads

Shopline - Google Ads

Google is, without a doubt, the largest search engine in the world, and the statistics reflect that. By November 2021, Google had over 2.89 billion unique visitors, making it the most visited website, with countless people passing through every day – perfect for advertising your business on. Since October 2000, Google Ads has been the go-to choice for any business seeking to expand their customer base, and today, you can easily join them through SHOPLINE.

For example, SHOPLINE offers merchants the use of Google Shopping Ads, which makes use of Google’s unbeatable algorithms to decide when and where ads about your products should be shown, based on keywords and data about your product.

This ensures that the money you spend on advertising will be well utilised, guaranteeing a higher return on investment! SHOPLINE’s Google Shopping Ad plans start from as low as HKD$3,500 (SGD$612 approx.), with a rebate available for first-time participants, so we encourage you to give it a try.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a social media platform that almost everyone knows, launched in 2005 as a place for its users to communicate and share their lives with each other. Today, it has almost 2 billion active daily users. Suffice to say, Facebook is one of the leading platforms for companies to advertise on, harnessing its huge potential for social media marketing. With SHOPLINE’s integrations, any merchant can advertise on the platform with ease.

SHOPLINE includes the Facebook Business Extension, which allows merchants to integrate their Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Business pages, Facebook ad account, Facebook Pixel, and even Instagram Business Account! Once you’ve connected your store to your advertising accounts, starting ad campaigns on Facebook and analysing store traffic will be easier than ever.

TikTok Ads

TikTok was launched in 2016 in China as Douyin, and immediately began gaining traction. The following year, it was released internationally. Ever since then, it has continued to grow, and has developed into a fully fledged entertainment platform. Naturally, it has implemented an advertising service for businesses to showcase their products and services to the millions of people who have installed the app. Now, SHOPLINE allows merchants to integrate their store with the service, allowing them to reach a wider audience than ever.

SHOPLINE will allow merchants in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand to integrate to their TikTok for Business account. Much like how Facebook integrates advertising, TikTok for business allows merchants to link their catalogue to the social media platform’s advertising service, and they can start creating advertising campaigns on one of the hottest social media platforms of 2022 with minimal effort.

SHOPLINE even allows merchants to track the success of their ads with TikTok Pixel integrations from their store dashboard. Using this information, merchants can make use of SHOPLINE’s comprehensive audience segmentation tools, in order to more precisely target their audiences and boost their conversion rates.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Store

Chatbots are an essential tool for any business, as a first-point-of contact for customers when they contact customer support. This ensures that customers can get prompt replies to their queries in lieu of a human customer support representative, reducing strain on your customer service staff, especially if your business has a particularly large audience.

How does Facebook Messenger Chatbot Store works?

SHOPLINE provides a chatbot with programmable logic trees and responses for use in Facebook Messenger. This will allow you to maintain a 24/7 presence on the internet, so customers can get service at any time. 

To start using the Facebook Messenger Chatbot, you must first connect your store to a Facebook Page in SHOPLINE Admin. Afterwards, you can start building chatbot scripts to serve your customers!

Configuring Chatbot Scripts

Instead of having a customer representative regurgitating answers to commonly asked questions to every single customer, get the chatbot to do it!

The chatbot will provide a pre-configured script that gets triggered when a customer sends a message with a matching keyword, or on initial interaction depending on your setting.

From the SHOPLINE Chatbot Store, you can create your own scripts with an easy-to-use script builder.

For each step, you can use templates with actions customers can click on to progress through the conversation. There are various types of templates you can use from text, images, carousel to products.

However do note that for each step you can use only a maximum of three templates. Each template can have up to three new buttons. When users click on the buttons, you can get them to perform different actions.

For example, on a product template in the chatbot, you can add a button linking to your website’s product page to encourage purchases.

If all of these seem complicated, fret not because SHOPLINE also has some default scripts you can use to customise.

Facebook Messenger Shopping

Working in tandem with the Facebook chatbot, there is also an “In-chat Shopping” feature that comes with another SHOPLINE module, Facebook Messenger Persistent Menu.

Customers can see a catalogue of products by either clicking on the menu “View All Categories” on the Facebook Messenger chat or messaging relevant keywords.

By clicking on the “Shop Now” button, customers can be directed to that item’s product detail page on your website to place an order. This allows a seamless way to funnel customer’s interest into action by bridging Facebook with your website.


SHOPLINE has numerous features that make it stand out from typical e-commerce platforms.  Besides SHOPLINE’s own platform features like message centre and customer relationship management tools, the integration of social commerce with your e-store is also a major draw. Going omnichannel allows your customers several ways to shop with your brand and likewise increasing your brand’s exposure.

Creating your store on SHOPLINE is not difficult with professional help. eFusion Technology provides leading SHOPLINE implementation and development services for businesses. Contact us today!

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