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7 Essential Features Your Website Needs

1 Sep 2020

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One way you can attract more customers is to invest in web design and development, which can help to make your business more credible because of a well-designed company website. Remember that consumers are researching products online before buying them, so it helps to have an impressive website.

However, it is not enough to build a website. You have to make sure that it contains all the important elements that provide a convenient experience for your customers. Here are some of the essential features that your company website needs:

1. Attractive Landing Page

You need to create an attractive landing page for you to make a first good impression. Start with the design of the banner because it will be the first thing that the visitors will see. Consider hiring a web design expert since they can help you choose the right photos and taglines for your banner. A well-designed banner can help to lead the customers to the important pages of the website.

2. About Page

If you are new in the industry, then you should create an “About” page. It’s where you will get to introduce your brand to your target audience. In creating the About page, make sure to show the human side of your business to create a deep connection with your customers.

3. Better Website Navigation

Part of having a good website design is to create seamless navigation. It means visitors should be able to find the information that they need on your website quickly and will be less likely to click the back button right away,  all thanks to an excellent navigation system.

4. Contact and Inquiries Page

You should make it easier for your customers to reach out to you. So, create a contact and inquiries page for your customers to address their concerns to you directly. You can achieve better customer service with this tip!

5. Customer Testimonials

Even though it may be difficult to gain the trust of your target customers, there’s one way you can win them over – Include customer testimonials on your website! You can add some photos and comments from your previous customers to show you have delivered great services in the past.

6. SSL Certificate

Your customers will have to most likely use online payment gateways to purchase your goods. You have to ensure that your website has an SSL certificate to encrypt all of their transactions with you. Doing this can help to make your website more secure.

7. Mobile Version

According to Statista, there are over 4.7 million mobile internet users in Singapore in 2019. It was even predicted that by 2025, the number can reach up to 5 million. Thus, it’s essential to have a mobile version of your website. Doing this can help you reach a broader audience online.

Investing in web design and development is worth it because you can use it to expand your business online. Plus, it can help you build an influential online presence, something that is critical for businesses to survive in today’s digital age.

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