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5 Strategically Designed Ecommerce Websites in Singapore 2021

26 Jul 2021

Edit: From 1 April 23, PSG has been reduced to 50% for all sectors.

In recent years, the demand for an ecommerce website has become significantly higher for businesses. Consumers are migrating towards online shopping due to the simple process and convenience of comparing prices and products. Going online opens up a new set of possibilities for businesses since they are no longer restricted to business hours. For F&B and retailers whose physical shops have been affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic, gravitating towards ecommerce website design becomes inevitable. 

Ecommerce website designs need to be strategic, to achieve the organisation’s objectives while looking good and functioning well. A good ecommerce website should be strategically optimised for conversion and effective in telling the brand story.

Ever wondered what a good ecommerce website should look like?

Here are 5 specially curated ecommerce websites that have been strategically designed and developed by eFusion technology’s fully in-house web solution team.

1. Iona

IONA is the 1st local brand to launch a range of household and kitchen appliances in Singapore. They are dedicated to bringing its unique brand of Japanese craftsmanship to the passionate homes and professional cooks of Singapore.

What sets their website apart is that their effort to post recipes which can be made with their own products. This feature is strategic as it can capture the attention of their target audience which includes passionate home cooks.

With a simple and clean ecommerce website design, the site is well organised despite the huge range of products available. They also place emphasis on how easy it is to shop with them by highlighting their free delivery, E-Warranty and free exchange policy. This will incentivise customers to trust and shop online from their ecommerce website. 

Visit their website at:

2. Crocodile International

Crocodile is a local brand which started out selling singlets, and has since grown into an international lifestyle brand. They have an interesting brand story since their founder labeled the brand after the crocodile which was a “tough animal” with an enduring lifespan and exotic skin. The founder thought that these qualities resonated with his emphasis on delivering attractive products with lasting qualities. 

Their ecommerce website design features this interesting brand story and brand history in the form of a timeline from 1947 to 2014. 

Crocodile’s ecommerce website also strategically uses the call-to-action buttons on their homepage to lead consumers to their desired categories. 

You may check out their website at:

3. Bedroom Affairs

As many departmental stores start closing down, local brands such as bedroom affairs have opted to set up their own physical stores and ecommerce websites instead.

Bedroom affairs’ ecommerce website design is strategic, with a very well-organised catalogue of items for easy viewing. Product images are strategically utilised. For example, for each bed sheet, product images do not just show the prints of the bed sheet but rather how it would look when fitted on a bed. The option selections and carting out process are simple and easy to use. 

eFusion Technology, one of the best website design companies in Singapore  is also guiding them closely on SEO content strategy and fine-tuned the site to be more search engine friendly. With such value-added services, the merchants can reduce their spending on paid advertising.

Visit their website:

4. Successmore

Successmore Being is headquartered in Thailand. They have liaised with eFusion Technology to assist them in their website design and development, along with the building of Singapore’s online ordering platform meant for recruitment and for their direct sales members to conveniently order online.

Prior to the launch of their website, their Singapore members had to make phone calls to their office receptionist in order to make an order. The receptionist will then manually punch in the order via their POS system before transferring the order total to their Direct Sales Membership System. The whole process was long and tedious.

With the launch of their ecommerce website, the order process is simplified. Members can now know how many points they will earn from the online catalogue and the ordering system easily. 

Check out their website:

5. Candy Floriculture

Candy Floriculture Pte Ltd is a wholesaler & distributor of many floral products based in Singapore. They have recently undergone a successful re-vamp of their website by one of the best website design companies in Singapore, eFusion Technology. This revamp, they are no longer positioned as a florist website but rather a shop for all gardening equipment and plants. This has greatly increased their popularity and traffic. With their new focus on digital media, Candy Floriculture has worked on their social media management to better engage customers online.

Candy Floriculture knows their target audience very well. As such, they have included new workshops to allow customers to learn and to network with others of similar interest. For those with a hobby of collecting exotic plants, Candy also imports exotic plants so there is something for everyone on their ecommerce website.

Visit their website here:

A strategically designed ecommerce website is crucial to achieve the company’s goals and purpose, target the right demographic and to tell an effective brand story. 

With the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), eligible Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can kick-start their ecommerce journey with an 80% subsidy. This includes ecommerce website development in Singapore, to encourage SMEs to go digital, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic.

As eFusion Technology is also a pre-approved vendor, you may contact us today for a quotation.

We have over 15 years of quality web development experience and an extensive portfolio including corporate websites. We provide recommendations on strategic content placements to best convey the organisation’s message and communicate closely with clients regarding their aesthetic preferences. 

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