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10 Impressive Ecommerce websites in Singapore

18 Apr 2018

Here are 10 specially curated eCommerce online stores strategized, designed and developed by eFusion Technology’s 100% in-house web solution team. They are either effective in brand-story telling, technically complex or fits the extremely high expectations of our merchants.

1. Bynd Artisan

The brand’s vision of a perfect combination of beauty and function is exemplified by the website and their products. This website is also a collaboration of 3 leading industry players in E-commerce (eFusion), Branding (&Larry) and Digital Marketing (Hashmeta).

2. Novita

A workhorse meant to handle a million online ordering and warranty registration records – fast and securely.


3. Echo Of Nature

Echo of Nature was changing their business direction to focus on workwear. We planned an online concept with the key objectives of streamlining workflow between online and offline retail.


4. Kidzparty Store

This is a highly lucrative but competitive business space. The best way to stand out is to have a website more impressive than your competitors and to rank above them in Google searches.


5. Eurotex

Aside from its in-house range of products, the homegrown label is also an authorised licensee for authentic Disney bedding and bath products. Well, you need the right web vendor to bring that out.

6. Simmons

It must pass rigorous branding and quality standards set by its US-based parent. Enough said.


7. Lifestorey

Lifestorey is the hub for all things fuss-free and snazzy to give your home that distinct designer look. When you are selling designer furniture, the online store and catalogue system cannot be shabby. We can’t be disrespectful to Philippe Starck.


8. New Fashion Watch

This is their 3rd attempt to build an online store after two failed projects with other vendors. Finding the right vendor like eFusion is easy, but convincing the management to invest for the 3rd time is not an easy task. They have finally made the right choice.


9. Hegen

Great products, world-dominating ambitions and exceptional leadership is matched with a vendor with real strength. This project draws together a 100% local team from Hegen and eFusion to bring a Singapore brand to the world.


10. Château de sable

When you are a Singapore-based French designer with an international business selling French-style children’s clothing, you need a sophisticated online store system to handle the multiple countries and currencies. Our solution addresses important business needs such as franchising and region-specific concerns, SEO, shipping and productivity improvements.


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