How to write product descriptions?

Bad copywriting:

Long sleeves pullover dress. Loose fitting, contrasting split solid colors with intercepting center design. 

This is just literally describing your product.

Good copywriting:

Subtle yet statement, simply pair this with skinny crop pants for an elevated evening look or wear it with an equally striking bottom for a stand-out look. Complete the look with sleek hair and minimal accessories and you’re good to go!

This makes it more enticing and makes them want it.

What is the difference between building my own eCommerce website vs selling on lazada / shopee?

It is a simple concept which already has an answer in the physical retailing world.

Selling on those marketplace platform is the same as selling your products as consignment in a departmental store.

  • you cannot reach the customers directly on your own.
  • you do not know much about their preferences, taste, age group, buying patterns, commonly bought together items and etc. They are NOT your customers actually.
  • you cannot create a strong brand and image
  • you will have to pay a huge commission or listing fee to the platform. Just like the departmental store will take a big cut
  • it will be hard to manage if you are selling hundreds or thousands of products
  • you cannot create your own promotions as and when you like it

How do i make people use the promo / voucher code?

This is a common problem. Even if there is a voucher code with huge discount, people don’t really believe that it is a real deal. Here are something that you can do to your voucher code.

  • Set a short validity date. Create the urgency to use it ASAP
  • Print it a paper or design your email voucher code professionally
  • Make it looks exclusive. Instead of “xmaspromo”, try “xmas4fans2018”
  • Make your promo code less restrictive so that customers can pass it to their friends to “abuse” it

How do i increase my social media LIKEs?

In any social media, engage your fans by posting interactive questions instead of the usual boring statements. E.g. Show 2 colour pictures of the same product, ask your fans which one is nicer.

Having a Facebook page where customers can post reviews, comments and even complaints is essential to building a rapport. Over time, that rapport will turn into brand loyalty. It also inspires word of mouth, as customers/fans encourage their friends to “like” your page, and try your product/service. Try to monitor your company page for a few minutes a day and respond to customer comments within 24 hours or less. You can also sign up to receive an email alert whenever someone posts to your page.

Social proofing in now an important aspect of digital marketing. The consumers are now smarter and more savvy.

How to get more traffic to my store via search results?

Keyword Planner tool is a free keyword research tool that Google offers under their ads management portal.  The tool allows you to do research to determine how many average monthly searches are conducted with certain keywords on Google.  This will allow you to find out which set of keywords are popular and related to what you are offering on your eCommerce web store.

Let’s try with Google Keyword Planner that there were about 10K-100K,100 average monthly searches for the keyword “QR code scanner” as compared to “barcode scanner”.  We followed this same process with other keywords and found that there were the keyword “reader” is often used as commonly as “scanner”.

So with more knowledge on the commonly keywords used, we can factor these keywords into my product NAME, DESCRIPTIONS, and search engine friendly UR (SEF URL). This will significantly your website traffic.