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Best PrestaShop E-commerce Stores

18 Oct 2022

best prestashop websites

You might’ve heard of PrestaShop when searching for an e-commerce platform for your business. If you need a refresher on PrestaShop’s features, we’ve got you covered here.

The best way to study them of course is to examine actual live PrestaShop e-commerce stores!

Here are 4 examples of PrestaShop e-commerce websites and their notable features. And with Deepavali coming soon, we’ve tailored a list of e-stores where you could shop for your Deepavali preparations.

1) Your Scent Story

best prestashop ecommerce stores yourscentstory

Deepavali, or Diwali, is known as the festival of lights. It symbolises the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness. Celebrants would decorate their homes with diyas (clay oil lamps), illuminating their spaces with a beautiful glow.

If you like to add some scent, Your Scent Story has candles that would make any room look good and smell divine.

Their website has a clean, fresh aesthetic. On hovering over a product, its photo would gently transition into a mood shot.

best prestashop websites Your Scent Story product sliders

You could buy their candles on a one-time basis by simply adding the products to checkout.

Alternatively, join their Candle Club to get a candle delivered to you every month. Their 3-month subscription box lets you curate your own selection of candles. Or, for a surprise, leave it up to them to pick for you! There are also options to customise the candle jars.

best prestashop websites Your Scent Story product page

Research found that there is an increasing customer demand for product personalisation. One in four customers are even willing to pay a premium for that service.

2) Candy Floriculture

best prestashop ecommerce stores candy

Celebrants would also decorate their homes with rangoli in preparation for Deepavali. These are colourful, circular art patterns that are made with coloured powder or sand. Common rangoli designs include geometric and floral petal shapes.

Why not extend the nature inspiration by breathing life into your living spaces with real flowers? Candy Floriculture has a huge collection of botanical products that would fit either indoors or outdoors.

The e-store makes use of product sliders to showcase their range of categories.

best prestashop ecommerce stores candy sliders

The recent popularity of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment methods sees a growing demand for alternative payments. Candy Floriculture is keeping up with the trend by integrating Atome with their e-store.

best prestashop ecommerce stores candy product

The usage of BNPL payments in Singapore is expected to grow by 37.3% annually. E-commerce businesses would need to accommodate the changing consumer behaviour by offering more payment options.

3) Kazoya

best prestashop ecommerce stores kazoya

Your home is not the only one that deserves to be beautiful. Get yourself an elegant lengha or salwar kameez from Kazoya.

The implementation of Facebook login lets you create an account with them quickly. So you can get to the good part — shopping — quickly too.

best prestashop ecommerce stores kazoya facebook

Report found that 86% of users are fed up with having to create new accounts on websites. Furthermore, 92% of users would rather exit the site if they had forgotten their password.

You could potentially reduce abandoned carts just by offering the option of social logins.

Another benefit of creating a customer account is that you could earn points for your purchase. What better way to retain your customers than to reward them for their loyalty?

best prestashop ecommerce stores kazoya product

It’s known that loyal customers are less costly to serve over time. They are also valuable to businesses as they are more willing to pay for premium products. Plus, referrals are one of the most effective ways to bring in new customers.

4) Able Pack

best prestashop ecommerce stores ablepack

Celebrate Deepavali with some homey delicious food! Able Pack has a plethora of kitchen wares to help you whip up a treat for your guests.

Their catalogue are tagged by brands so you could tell at a glance which maker the products are from.

best prestashop ecommerce stores ablepack catalog

It’s crucial to have a well-organised product catalogue. You’ll save time and effort when you have an efficient inventory management. Not only that, it also lessens your customers’ frustration of trying to locate the right product.

Able Pack also makes use of real-time cart pop-up notifications on the bottom of their catalog pages.

best prestashop ecommerce stores ablepack popup

This potentially improves customer order decisions as it adds an element of urgency to their browsing. Fear-of-missing-out is a powerful psychological tactic marketers leverage on to encourage impulse buying.

The above are just some examples of PrestaShop’s capabilities of delivering the right shopping experience for your customers. Every business needs are different. With PrestaShop’s thriving community of developers, it’s highly likely that there will be a module that fits just what you are looking for.

At eFusion Technology, we are experts at the ins-and-outs of PrestaShop. Contact us today for a consultation on how your e-store could deliver the best experience for your customers too!

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