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8 factors to look out when choosing a Web Design Company in Singapore

26 Jul 2018

With more companies competing against each other in the web development world. It has become more difficulty to find a company that suits your needs when creating a website. Here are some points you can look out for when finding a web design company.

1. Check their office size and location

To determine their legitimacy. It is good to know where their office location are so you will know your choices does not present any risk of fraud. If you are still in doubt, arrange with the company of your choice to meet up in their office.

eFusion is located in a centralized location and just out of the CBD zone in the cosy Beach Road. Map here

2. Determine the company credibility

Other than checking the company location, it is also good to see if they have awards, recognitions or certifications shown on their websites, since all of these allow you to gauge what level of standard the company have. However, all these rewards can be bought easily. A modern way of checking is via their Facebook / Google reviews.


3. Portfolio

If allowed, ask the company the show their past works. Doing this allow you to see what kind of client have they worked with before and give you an idea of their capabilities, it is also good to look for the small details of the website so you can consider if they are able to meet your standards or exceed it.

eFusion has a massive portfolio on Ecommerce website and large company corporate website.

4. Timeline

Do you need this project be done quickly? Is there a launch date you have in mind? Make sure that the company that you are working with can plan out a reasonable timeline as it will help the website to process smoothly. Also remember to ask if they still need to work on the website or not once it goes live.

5. Meeting the team

One of the most important thing is to meet the team, by doing this will let you know if the company you’re working with has their own employee or some quickly assembled freelancers, be careful if the answers isn’t forthcoming. There are also many local web company using offshore resources from Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam etc. You will have a hard time communicating with their offshore designer and developer.

6. Do they use SEO/SEM

Any web development company who knows the importance SEO/SEM must have first-hand experience since both methods are important in driving qualified traffic to a website. If you cannot find this web company in Google search, then they are most probably weak in that area.

7. Being up to date with industry

With the web development industry always changing rapidly, you will need a company to operate at the same or better efficiency, doing this will keep your business running with up to date idea, doing this will remove any chances of becoming obsolete.

8. Additional support once live

To some, a website can be considered a living entity, always changing to suit the needs of new technology, user preferences and habits. So you may want to find a company that will support you even after the website have being launched as there may be still technical problems that are not found before that.

At eFusion, eCommerce websites come with 5 years technical support inclusive.

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