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4 Web Design Trends to Look Out for This 2020

20 Dec 2019

Each year, the world introduces a fresh batch of ideas and creations. It’s true, especially in the graphic design industry, where creativity blossoms at its best.

Website design has always been an essential element for marketing. If you want your business to flourish, you must keep up with the changing times and stay updated on the latest trends. With that said, here are some of the web design trends to look out for this 2020:

1. Large font size and lettering

The key to clear communication with your viewer is to display your content directly. To do so, design your website with large visuals and bold letters.

Oversized elements are growing popular as of late, but it’s already prepared to make huge waves this 2020.

When done right, large font size and lettering will improve your web design by helping your website attract the viewer’s attention at a glance while sending a message about your page with just a few words. It’s a short, concise, and eye-catching strategy as long as you know how to execute it.

For instance, take a look at the above image. The sizeable elements are capable of capturing the viewer’s attention with just one look. Not only that, but it’s able to display the context of their business without going overboard.

2. Minimalism

Large visuals require empty spaces to stand out. To do so, choose a minimalist theme for your website. Minimalism has always been a favoured choice in recent years, but it’s even more popular as 2019 comes to a close.

To briefly describe minimalism, it’s what you call “less is more”. Leave a lot of space, and focus on the layout and content. In short, it’s simplifying the interface in various ways:

  • Limited colours
  • Hidden navigation bar
  • Empty space (whitespace)
  • Flat patterns
  • Dramatic typography

A minimalist theme is ideal for disposing of unnecessary elements on your website. Focus on the interface and content to conduct a proper minimalist approach. It’s a safe and guaranteed web design strategy that won’t fail your website.

3. Motion and personal interaction

Another great way to capture the heart of your audience in a snap is to simulate moving pictures or videos on your web page. Interactive elements such as videos, moving images, and transitions are a fan favourite. For that reason, consider these elements as a part of your web design and development.

Animations come in different methods. You could utilise transitional images, full-screen videos, or moving texts (kinetic typography). Choosing such elements will make your website more engaging and interactive, both of which are essential for designing a web page.

4. Dark mode

The simple, sleek design of a dark mode for your website allows the user to configure your page in any way they want. As a result, it offers a unique web experience tailored to your audience’s wants and needs

Websites such as Google and Facebook already provide a “dark mode” option. Maybe your website should too? Dark themes give an ultra-modern look, a trend that’s becoming more occurrent as the future draws near.

Dark mode fits classic dystopian and futuristic themes. Make your website appear futuristic and moody with a dark mode design. Your website will be more appealing and interactive in the process.

As 2019 continues to come at a conclusion, have you prepared your business for what the following year has in store? Be ready and consider these web design strategies. Start fresh this 2020, and improve your web design starting now!

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