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Rotor Hobby

Rotor Hobby is established in the year 1990 by P. K Lee and Walter Lee. Both enthusiasts of R/C Helicopter and Airplane start to venture into R/C business in the light to provide R/C enthusiasts with more choices and varieties with the BEST price. Since then, Rotor Hobby has been striving to provide excellent R/C services and value-for-money products to their customers on their e-store.

Case Study

Rotor Hobby was established in 1990 by P. K. Lee and Walter Lee. As enthusiasts of R/C Helicopter and Airplane, they started to venture into the R/C business to provide enthusiasts with more choices and varieties at affordable prices. Since then, Rotor Hobby has been striving to provide excellent R/C services and value-for-money products for local and overseas customers. Rotor Hobby hopes to continually reinvent itself and hopes to serve the R/C industry for many more years to come.

Rotor Hobby had an existing web-store which had outgrown their needs. The design was old and the website had become disorganized over time as the team added more content, products and miscellaneous information. This resulted in the team having to field many manual queries over phone or email as customers are unable to locate the products or information they need.

eFusion Technology’s team consulted with Rotor Hobby’s team to understand their key pain points and priorities for the revamp exercise and implemented a new online store CMS which caters to the following needs:

  1. Major reorganization of the information architecture. Outdated information and pages are removed, product categories and product data reorganized for a better browsing experience. Visual icons and images are used to provide a more user-friendly and easy to remember navigation. Large suggestive search bar to allow Rotor Hobby’s customers to easily search through the large catalogue of items.
  2. Modern product filters and labels to allow Rotor Hobby to easily tag and label products. This allows customers to narrow down product selection by specific needs and skill level, ensuring a better shopping experience.
  3. These improvements allow Rotor Hobby’s customers to easily locate product information within the website, which eliminates the need for them to call or email for enquiries.
  4. Implementation of a blog engine which allows the Rotor Hobby team to share their extensive knowledge with their customers online. The easy-to-use blog keeps various articles organized neatly within the site and helps to improve the SEO of the website.
  5. In addition, the new CMS’s robust features stronger discounts and promotions tools, which allows the Rotor Hobby team to better to attract customers with promotions while eliminating unnecessary labor and time to manually manage various promotions.

eFusion Technology provided advice, knowledge sharing and training to the Rotor Hobby team, which empowers them to update and maintain their website easily on a regular basis and to make changes to various aspects of their online store as they continue to expand and grow. The online store is built on a secure, robust and scalable system, ready for future phases of further enhancements.

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