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Iona carries a variety of home appliances ranging from fans to ovens. Their modern and user-friendly ecommerce website features blogs and recipes which their target audience would be interested in. The website also increases work efficiency with their e-warranty page allowing their customers to settle most issues online.

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Case Study

With over 40 years of heritage, IONA is dedicated to bringing its unique brand of Japanese craftsmanship to the kitchens of Singapore. IONA is in partnership with Arakaki Corporation Okinawa Japan engineers and designers, with the goal of designing innovative products that are attractive, practical and functional. IONA has high standards for the safety and quality of their products even as affordability is not compromised. 

As their brand gained exposure and recognition, it was important for their web presence to keep up. Besides the need for an e-commerce website to widen the reach of customers, it was important for IONA to continue building their brand image and story. eFusion Technology has partnered closely and assisted them in the design and development of their e-commerce website which fulfils their requirements of: 

  1. Promote and increase sales by providing recommendations to customers through categories such as “Best Sellers” or “New Products”.
  2. Enable customers to add a product they like to their wishlist, where these items can be stored. This process can help increase sales by retaining customer preferences and can be easily accessed next time. 
  3. Customers can opt to be notified when an out of stock item comes back in stock, this will also help prompt customers to make a purchase and support customer loyalty. 
  4. Simple and fuss-free process to register for E-warranty for the convenience of customers. 
  5. The eFusion Technology team also ensured the website has a mobile responsive layout such that it could be more accessible to customers of IONA who shop online on mobile phones.
  6. IONA’s website has a blog to feature useful recipes and articles that can retain customers’ presence. Frequent updating of blogs can also boost IONA’s SEO results. 
  7. Map integration to show the location of IONA’s warehouse for ease of location of customers.  
  8. eFusion Technology’s design team worked closely with IONA to ensure the online store’s brand method is reflected in the modern minimalistic and full-width design of the website.
  9. Taking into account the future expansion and growth, the online store is built on a secure, robust and scalable system, ready for future phases of further enhancements.
  10. The flexible and convenient CMS allows IONA’s team to update their latest products easily on a regular basis, run more targeted marketing campaigns to funnel customers to specific product categories and keep cost low.
  11. The new CMS also allows them to present products more fancifully by adding more graphics, tagging recipes to specific products and videos demonstrating how to use the appliance. 
  12. Customers can easily locate replacement parts for their products because the eFusion Technology team has enabled the replacement parts for their existing appliance to be linked to the main product.
  13. To ease processing of orders, the eFusion Technology team has implemented customized order reports to fit IONA’s internal workflow to reduce manual paperwork and improve efficiency.
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