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Glamour Salon System (2022 revamp)

Glamour Salon System is a professional hair care distributor in Singapore, founded in 1993 by veteran hairstylist – Leo Leong who has vast experience in the professional hair industry especially in the field of Training and Education. The revamped website updates the design and system, improving user interface and user experience. eFusion first built the website in 2016, this is a 2022 revamp with contemporary design and full ecommerce features.

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Case Study

Glamour Salon System’s company was initially not as focused on e-commerce, and their primary market was not in Singapore. Nevertheless, they have worked with eFusion since 2015, using the Prestashop 1.6 CMS to create two corporate websites with catalogues for Glamour Salon System and their brand Follizin. eFusion worked primarily to help them improve their SEO, product presentation and catalogues.

Fast forward to 2022, and Glamour Salon System is now more receptive to the e-commerce model. As they have had a good experience with eFusion in the past, they have decided to work with us again to revamp their Glamour Salon System and Follizin websites, using the updated Prestashop 1.7 CMS, with a greater focus on e-commerce features for B2B sales. They can also now make use of the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for a government subsidy.

Working with Glamour Salon System, eFusion Technology revamped their website with a whole host of features:

  1. Updated aesthetic and presentation of the website for a more modern look.
  2. Product management features are improved thanks to the updated CMS version.
  3. Google Translate module integrated into the website, allowing customers and clients from all over the world to use the website with ease.
  4. Contact form and integrated customer service features allow Glamour Salon System’s team and their customers to communicate conveniently.
  5. Improved digital marketing via SEO improvements to increase chances of the website appearing organically in search results, as well as integration with their social media to improve traffic.
  6. A custom document management system which allows authorised partners to view confidential information documents about products. The team can customise which customer groups will be allowed to view the documents, allowing for easier management of permissions.
  7. Mobile responsiveness of the website ensures that customers on any device can access and use the site while preserving user experience, which also improves SEO ranking.
  8. Taking into account the future expansion and growth, the online store is built on a secure, robust, and scalable Prestashop system, ready for future phases of further enhancements.

With the new and improved framework in place, the Glamour Salon System team can maintain their website and manage their clientele more efficiently without requiring external services, resulting in lower costs over time.

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