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Caesars (2022 revamp)

Established in 2000, Caesars is Singapore’s exclusive retailer and distributor in exquisite collectibles of replica armours, guns and swords, amongst numerous varieties and selections, for the sophisticated and bold at heart. Their wide product range includes official merchandise from many TV shows, movies and anime. eFusion first revamped their estore in 2016 and this latest 2022 revamp will see greater improvements in customer engagements, selling gimmicks, and improvements in search ranking and digital marketing.

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Caesars 2022 Revamp Ipad Mockup

Case Study

CAESARS is a licensed and trusted sword seller in Singapore since 2000, and happens to also be one of Asia’s most exclusive retailers and distributor for premium weaponry collectibles. As pioneers in this niche industry, CAESARS prides itself to be a one-stop destination of over 1,000 different products such as armours, guns, swords, miniature collectibles and many more. With almost two decades of experience, CAESARS understands a collector’s expectation and desire like no other and aims to grow and scale their dynamic collection to cater to all collectors.

CAESARS had an existing website built by eFusion Technology that had served them well. However, as their business grew, so did their needs for not just a new look but new features to improve their web presence. With the help of the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), the eFusion Technology team was engaged by CAESARS’s team once again to come up with a revamped ecommerce site that met the following needs:

  1. The eFusion Technology design team discussed with CAESAR’s team to come up with a new design and look for their newly revamped store that would more accurately reflect their brand image and story.
  2. CAESARS’s newly revamped online store was built on the latest 1.7 version of the Prestashop CMS to improve security and accommodate new features.
  3. The eFusion Technology team worked hard to reorganise their product categories to help provide a better shopping experience for CAESAR’s customers by making it easy to find what they were looking for.
  4. To reduce shopping cart abandonment, the eFusion Technology team provided a customised solution in the form of an email-reminder feature that would follow-up on customers who added items to their shopping cart but never checked out. The follow-up email will gather feedback on customer satisfaction and insights about their customers’ experience.
  5. The eFusion Technology team assisted CAESARS in migrating all their customers, orders and product data to their new website, reducing the time needed for the website revamp.
  6. To boost their online marketing and web presence, eFusion Technology also implemented on-page SEO best practices.
  7. The entire website is mobile-responsive which improves the overall SEO of the site.
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