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Biscotti Bakery

Biscotti Bakery offers a healthy snack alternative in the form of fresh and crunchy biscotti. Their products are low in fat, does not use artificial preservatives and are trans-fat free. You can purchase their products on their website and have it arranged to be delivered at a specific date and time. eFusion redesigned and rebuilt the website on Prestashop from Woocommerce and that greatly improved on the back end user-friendliness, speed and security. Today, Cindy (owner) is also more savvy with digital marketing with our knowledge transfer and experience sharing via the PSG ecommerce solution.

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Biscotti Bakery Ipad Mockup
Biscotti Bakery Iphone Mockup

Case Study

Biscotti Bakery is a bakery kitchen and cafe specialising in delicious and healthy handmade biscotti. Originally in 2019, they hired a website builder to make a WordPress website for them.

However, they may not have had the skills to operate it at the time. They had to pay a monthly fee to the vendor for maintenance and website modifications, and were dependent on the vendor for such modifications and updates, as they did not have access to the backend of the site.

In addition, the WordPress CMS was not suited for e-commerce, requiring external plugins to do so. In the end, the site was slow to update, lacking certain specialised e-commerce features and was quickly rendered obsolete due to the lack of features, ageing design and changing trends.

Eventually in 2021, they approached eFusion to build a new e-commerce website for them. As this new e-commerce website would be covered by the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) by 80%, they would not have to pay the full cost of the website.

The Biscotti Bakery team wanted a website that would be easy to learn, manage, and maintain, and wanted to be more involved in the design process. Working with Biscotti Bakery, eFusion Technology created a brand new website with a whole host of features:

  1. Modern e-commerce features. These features enable customers to efficiently order and pay for goods from the website. The additional convenience will attract both first-time and returning customers alike.
  2. Improved digital marketing via SEO improvements to increase chances of the website appearing organically in search results, as well as integration with their social media to improve traffic.
  3. Implementation of a blog engine which allows the Biscotti Bakery team to share their extensive knowledge of biscotti with their customers online. The easy-to-use blog keeps various articles organised neatly within the site and helps to improve the SEO of the website.
  4. The CMS includes intuitive and easy to use product and discount management features, ensuring that the Biscotti Bakery team can modify their product lineup and manage promotions with ease.
  5. eFusion proposed a custom integration with the EasyParcel delivery service’s online API that would allow Biscotti Bakery’s website to automatically handle shipping arrangements with them. 
  6. Mobile responsiveness of the website ensures that customers on any device can access and use the site while preserving user experience, which also improves the SEO ranking of the site.
  7. Taking into account the future expansion and growth, the online store is built on the secure, robust, and scalable Prestashop system, ready for future phases of further enhancements.

With a flexible and intuitive framework in place, the Biscotti Bakery team can maintain their website for longer without requiring external services, resulting in a lower cost over time.

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