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A specialist in chocolate cakes and confectionery, Awfully Chocolate handmades their products daily from scratch to ensure that only premium quality chocolate goods are shared with their customers. Their delicious chocolate cakes are sold on their e-store for customers to order for all occasions.

Case Study

Founded in 1998, Awfully Chocolate made it their mission to bring the humble cake back to its glory days. Since then, Awfully Chocolate has grown from a cake shop in Katong into a group of shops, cafes and restaurants both in Singapore and overseas. All of their products are all handmade daily from scratch and by hand to ensure that only premium quality chocolate goods are shared with their customers.

As Awfully Chocolate expanded their business, their web presence needed an update as it was no longer serving their needs and brand image well. For this revamp, eFusion Technology implemented a new online store solution which caters to the following needs:

  1. eFusion Technology’s design team worked closely with Awfully Chocolate to ensure the online store’s branding and aesthetics accurately reflects the brand’s sensibilities.
  2. To make it easy for Awfully Chocolate’s customers to order gifts in bulk, customers are able to place bulk orders to be sent to multiple delivery addresses in a single checkout process.
  3. To facilitate logistical arrangements for delivery, the checkout cart has a delivery date calendar for customers to select their preferred delivery date. Store admins may block out certain dates from the calendar as needed.
  4. For the convenience of Awfully Chocolate’s customers, online orders may be collected from Awfully Chocolate retail outlets throughout Singapore. The selection of self-collect location is integrated with the checkout process and recorded as part of the order details to streamline the process and reduce human errors.
  5. To ease processing of orders, we implemented customized order reports to fit Awfully Chocolate’s internal workflow to reduce manual paperwork and improve efficiency.
  6. To improve their online marketing and web presence, eFusion Technology implemented on-page SEO best practices. Awfully Chocolate continues to maintain its top search ranking for the keywords “buy chocolate cake”, beating its competitors.
  7. The flexible and convenient new system allows the team to add more novel products easily on a regular basis, and to run more targeted marketing campaigns to funnel customers to specific product categories.
  8. Empowering marketing and sales through the system’s robust features for discounts and promotions. For example, generating a bulk series of exclusive discount codes to be distributed in conjunction with a partner.
  9. Taking into account the future expansion and growth, the online store is built on a secure, robust and scalable system, ready for future phases of further enhancements.
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