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Full Potential Chiropractic

With 3 clinics around Singapore, Full Potential Chiropractic provides you with a pain free life. Check out their exclusive online promotion.


Case Study

Full Potential Chiropractic is a leader in whole family natural wellness in Singapore. The HarbourFront office first opened in 2009, and has established a strong track record of leading people from all walks of life to achieve their full health potential. The practice was rebranded as Full Potential Chiropractic in 2011, and it is continuing it’s journey towards becoming the best wellness practice in South East Asia.

Our client wanted a more user friendly website with better Search Engine Opitmization (SEO) to suit the changing trends in how consumers are shopping online. They also needed the website to be mobile responsive.

We went for a full-width approach with huge introduction banner and icons to properly introduce chiropractic.

Not only did we improved the aestheic of the website, we’ve also improved the call-to-action feature.

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