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Wellchem Pharmaceuticals was established in 1975. Headquartered in Singapore and with a rich history of over 40 years in the market. Wellchem has established a strong and wide network of customers and suppliers in the Asian region and also in the Middle Eastern and European countries.

They have a team of very dedicated and passionate individuals who are experts in various fields. Among the regulatory pharmacists, marketing and sales management, logistics and finance personnel who each have decades of working experience in various pharmaceutical companies.

Case Study

With over 40 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Wellchem Pharmaceuticals has been supplying a wide range of pharmaceutical products globally. Since their founding in 1975, the Singapore-based company has built a strong and large network of customers and suppliers all over the world, building up to their established reputation. Using their years of experience in the industry, Wellchem Pharmaceuticals ensures the authenticity and quality of the products supplied to their customers.

As Wellchem Pharmaceuticals become renowned as a wholesaler for pharmaceutical products globally, their website needed an update to be mobile responsive and better establish their brand image. Due to being a one-page website, it was also not Search Engine Friendly (SEF). To meet their needs, eFusion Technologies introduced a new online solution:

  1. To accurately show Wellchem Pharmaceuticals’ branding and improve the overall aesthetics of the website, the team worked closely with the client through the design process.
  2. With the new addition of stronger Call-To-Action (CTA) elements, potential customers and partners are encouraged to browse the products, thereby building partnerships and increase sales of products.
  3. For the users’ convenience, the website had been implemented to be mobile responsive, allowing it to be comfortably navigated regardless of the device it is viewed on.
  4. To keep users engaged and improve user experience, the website had been improved in interactivity with smooth transitions and tasteful effects.
  5. With a fresh copywriting, key information are easily found and understood by users, prompting them to engage Wellchem Pharmaceuticals for their products and partnership. The content also helps to portray a professional image of Wellchem Pharmaceuticals.

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