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Top Reasons Your Website Needs A Revamp

27 Jul 2022

Top reasons your website needs a revamp high bounce rate

In today’s digital world, your website is frequently the initial point of contact for potential clients or collaborators. It’s where they’ll determine if it’s worth their money or time to spend, and no one seeks to invest in something that feels obsolete or out of date. That is why, now more than ever, it is critical to update and maintain your website design to keep it fresh and different to make the right impression.

Every company in this digital era has its own website. And practically every digital (and even print) effort that raises awareness or incentivises action directs traffic to that portal. While obtaining traffic is a victory, maintaining visitors on the website and converting them quickly is a very different story as it takes roughly 50 milliseconds* (0.05 seconds) for consumers to create an impression about your website that decides whether or not they like it? Will they stay, or will they go?

This is why it is crucial that every phrase, design feature, and path must work as diligently as possible to guarantee that your web design survives the initial few seconds. And if your website is not showing results as it should, it is the right time to revamp your website design. Here are several compelling reasons to update your web design and make it attention-grabbing.

Reason 1: Your website seems to have a high bounce rate

If your website is having a high bounce rate, it’s time to make some changes. Bounce rate is the ratio of users that only visit one webpage throughout their session and is viewable in Google Analytics. While bounce rates differ, the typical is 40 to 55 per cent, which means that 40 to 55 of every 100 site visitors only view one webpage during their visit. A high bounce rate typically suggests a negative user experience. If a visitor has a negative experience while browsing and using your website, they may quit without viewing another page, increasing your site’s bounce rate.

Reason 2: Your core web vitals are deteriorating, and it loads slowly

Top reason your wesbite needs a revamp deteriorating web vitals

To see how swiftly and rapidly your website loads, use an online speed tester or ask your website design company to evaluate it. If it takes any more than three seconds, you should definitely revamp and update your website design. According to one Google research, over half of users quit websites that do not load in three seconds or less. Another study indicated that every extra second added to a website’s loading speed resulted in 4.42% fewer conversions.

Google Search Console now includes our Core Web Vitals, which rank and score each webpage on your website. Because Google has included these ratings in its algorithm, having low scores may negatively influence your search engine results.

Reason 3: Your website design lacks fundamental on-page SEO

On-page search engine optimisation (SEO) is required to place your website on top of Google, Bing, and other online databases for related searches, including your company’s brand name. Each webpage, for instance, should have a distinct title tag that describes the page’s primary topic. The title tag is an HTML line that appears in browser tabs when a webpage is accessed, but it is also utilised by search results to generate listings.

Create unique title tags to tailor your website’s appearance in Google and Bing. Also, have a unique and attractive meta description for each webpage and ensure that each page has a single H1 tag that contains the page’s title tag and that your webpage URL is written with relevant keywords. In addition, include internal links to other sites and images that have a related file name and alt text property.

Reason 4: Your website is not protected with HTTPS

Top reasons your website needs a revamp htts

Because of the increase in online privacy violations, internet users choose and use websites with greater caution than in the past. If a visitor believes your website is not safe, they may exit to guarantee that their personal information is not exploited or exposed.

Your website design company Singapore should employ the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to make users feel protected. HTTPS is a form of encrypted network communication protocol that scrambles information sent to and from your website to prevent unwanted visitors from accessing it. When you use HTTPS, your website design will display a secure padlock icon in the Chrome browser, while HTTP will display a “Not Secure” label.

Reason 5: It does not work effectively on mobile platforms

According to statistics, three out of every five online customers who access a website do so through a mobile device. However, if your website design does not perform effectively on mobile devices, these consumers may leave it. You may make your website design mobile-friendly by redesigning it using a responsive web design Singapore. A Responsive web design Singapore uses proportionate metric measurements rather than static units to create an interactive design that adjusts to the device on which it is accessed.

Final Thoughts

A website redesign may offer your business a fresh new look. It’s a new beginning for your company and might help you rethink your marketing strategy. Analyse how you may enhance your website and begin making web design adjustments to boost its efficiency. By doing a total revamp of your web design using effective elements and a responsive layout, you will assist your website in generating more important visitors and leads for your company.

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