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Shopify template design and development service

16 Apr 2013

We are proud to announce that eFusion Technology now provides Shopify template design and development services in Singapore. Shopify is a low-cost subscription-based shopping cart system that is gaining fast recognition. Shopify offers free templates and their monthly plans start from US$14. However, if you have a higher design requirement or requires some coding customization, we are here to help. For more information on Shopify and its pricing, please visit

So why is the differences between a subscription model like and a custom implemented model (your own estore) like what eFusion is always doing? Here is a comparison chart

Shopify Built-to-order, your very own estore by eFusion
Low start-up cost, exit anytime High start-up cost
Standard look and feel Highly customized
Fixed features Highly customized, technically anything can be done
Just like renting a room, you get back nothing One-off investment, and you can use the store for a lifetime
Databases cannot be extracted and migrated Built on opensource, easily migratable
Hassle free (one price for all, including hosting and domain) You might need to deal with different parties on site, hosting, domain, payment, logistics
FINAL verdict:
Great for 1st timer who wants to test the market and has limited budget
FINAL Verdict:
Great for serious merchant who wants uniqueness, has nonconventional business model


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