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Reasons Why It is The Best Time to Revamp Your Website

23 Jun 2020

COVID-19 has thrown the world into a spiral and has had a devastating impact on the global economy as countries on every continent are forced into lockdowns. With that said, there are two industries, namely healthcare and eCommerce, which have actually seen the opposite result.  While your eCommerce website design itself may not have been completely spared from this pandemic, there are still ways to cope, fortify, and even thrive in the COVID-19 era by revamping your website.

A website revamp is an extremely exciting time for most clients. However, once you launch your updated website, it does not mean that you are done. Even after this pandemic, it taught every businessman that you need to always be ready to adapt to the market’s needs while at the same time staying true to your brand.

Here are the following reasons why now is the best time to revamp your website.

1. More people are shopping online

So, ecommerce is changing. People are learning how to shop online, and that’s a skill they’ll use for decades to come. How do you take advantage of all that? The answer is, semi-rebrand. Rebranding your website design takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Your website is a huge part of your marketing strategy and as such, if you’re going through a significant rebrand, you’ll want to make sure that you put your best new foot forward with the website.

In this case of the COVID-19-driven market, most rebranding consists of things like a semi-new logo design, a new tagline, new colours, all of which you have to incorporate your stand against the virus, example: to support frontliners and medical heroes. It’s important to update and redo your website to best reflect your new emphatic branding and seize this moment.

2. People are longing for normalcy

For some ecommerce companies, demand has largely disappeared. This is particularly true for businesses that are selling expensive, non-essential products like expensive handbags or watches. In this situation, it may feel like you don’t have many options. You aren’t selling something people truly need, so with the future of the economy in doubt, it can be hard to get people to spend their money on something they only want.

But here’s the thing, want and need are pretty subjective. In difficult times, people feel a need for relief. They need a break from all the stress, frustration and worry that they’re constantly feeling. They need to feel powerful, stable and safe. With the right approach to your web design and development, you can play to all of those needs—especially if you’re selling something that people really want.

Your customers want a reason to feel good about spending their money—you just have to give it to them. Create this need and put ‘COVID-19’ or ‘Coronavirus’ in the URL slug for easier tracking. As your organisation creates more content related to the virus, having a consistent term in the URL of all your COVID-19 content will ensure that you can easily track the impact of your content moving forward. By setting the website content up that way, Google can more easily group the content together under your primary landing page.

3. People are gearing up for a post-COVID-19 world

Your customers are changing. That change isn’t going to go away even after the COVID-19 disappears. If you aren’t in either of the situations mentioned above, you’re in a great spot to ramp up your digital marketing and web design. Your audience is active online and, with many of your competitors unable to effectively advertise, it’s a great time to run ads.

Now is the time to get to them. Redesign your website. Overhaul your paid social strategy. Call up your customers and revisit your buyer personas. Do whatever it takes to optimise and perfect your advertising strategy.Have a primary landing page for all your COVID-19 content. Choose a single page where you’ll post all the latest information about COVID-19 on your site and don’t change the URL. By keeping the URL of your key page consistent.

When all of this is over, it’s going to be a new world for ecommerce

COVID-19 is forcing the world to change. Your customers are learning how to shop online. They’re discovering new options and ways to get what they need from the comfort and security of their homes. The businesses that are ready for that new world will thrive. The ones that sat on their hands will lose the initiative, customers and market share. If you don’t use this time to redesign your website and get ready, you may not be able to recover.

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