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Important Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer and Developer

18 Feb 2022

Important Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer and Developer

Today, with the growth of digitalisation, brands simply cannot do without digital marketing. In fact, 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. A large part of digital marketing lies in a brand’s website. It is the go-to platform where consumers obtain information about the organisation and their services. Moreover, other digital platforms including the brand’s social media tend to lead back to the website, driving even greater traffic.

While some companies may rely on an in-house team to help with their website design and development, others might engage support externally. With external help, concerns revolving around reliability, expertise and credibility may arise. Therefore, here is a guide to a list of important questions you should ask any website designer and developer to ensure that they can meet your demands and that they’re a right fit for you!

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Enquiring the years of experience a web designer and developer has helps to determine their skills, knowledge and expertise. These are integral elements when it comes to web design and development. Having an experienced web designer comes with greater peace of mind, giving you the assurance that your website is in good hands.

If budget permits, it is highly recommended to engage the website design services of an established organisation rather than an individual. This is because they have a brand reputation to uphold, making it in their best interest that your website looks and runs well. Established in 2004, eFusion Technology possesses over 16 years of experience, placing us in the perfect position to cater to your website design and development needs.

How Competent Are you?

Competent website design services in Singapore

Digital technology is ever changing and having the competence to keep up and leverage this continuous change is what distinguishes a quality website designer and developer. You can break down the area of competence into more specific questions. For instance, how extensive their knowledge on HTML, CSS and Javascript is. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the most commonly used languages in web design and development. They collaborate to create a functional website by focusing on different aspects of web development.

Remember to also ask your website designer or developer what they know about user experience (UX). Good UX is extremely important as it keeps users on your site longer and can increase your ranking on search engine results pages. A competent website designer or developer should mention aspects such as multimedia elements and ease of navigation.

What is Your Estimated Project Timeline?

With regards to web design and development, you will always have an expected launch date in mind, when your website goes live. Knowing how long it takes to complete your website keeps you on track. Be wary of website designers and developers providing schedules that are too fast or slow. Completing a website quicker than expected may result in you not getting all the elements you require, while taking too long may interfere with your ideal launch date. Ultimately, the time taken depends on the different aspects you need for your website. Hence, do look out for a website designer and developer that asks you what needs to be done and listens to all your website requirements.

What Does Your Portfolio Entail?

A portfolio serves as insight into the style and expertise the website designer and developer possesses. It can be the determining factor on whether you choose to engage them or not. Consider a website designer and developer with a range of portfolios across different clienteles. Versatility and flexibility to create websites that cater to different needs is highly sought-after in website design services. At eFusion Technology, the work we have done is comprehensive in its breath and depth. From fashion and F&B to industrial and education, we have developed a loyal customer base who have grown alongside us and span both private and public sectors.

The above questions will enable you to learn more about your website designer and developer, helping you make a more well-informed decision when it comes to engaging help for your website design. It is important to get support from both someone you can trust and possess the required skills to take your website to the next level.

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