Web Designing Mistakes That May Affect Your Business
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6 Web Design Mistakes That May Harm Your Business

24 Feb 2020

Web design is crucial to user experience. Many businesses may seem to pay less attention to web design and development but little do they know that it’s one of the most important aspects in generating revenue. More than just focusing on the design aesthetics, a website has to be functional and user-friendly.

Many brands tend to make basic mistakes in their web design which actually harm their business. Make sure that this won’t happen to yours.  Check out these common web design mistakes that you might probably be doing.


A call to action (CTA) is one of the most important elements of any website. It leads visitors to the next step of availing the product or service that the company offers. CTA is commonly executed like a noticeable button linked to the client’s website.

While not every successful brand has creative CTAs, there are also simple but strong ones such as, “Subscribe Now.” “Get Started” “Add to Cart.” that tells users what exactly to do. But the key to an effective CTA is location. It should be located right where the client will need it.

2. Unclear Messaging

Having an unclear message in the form of your headline and subheadings is probably one of the biggest yet underrated mistakes that could cost you a lot. Because the moment your site loads into completion, users already form a decision in their minds whether or not your page is worth their time. People do not usually stay longer than two seconds to scroll down when the headlines or your website’s message is unclear to them. If they do not immediately understand what your site is about, chances are they would not stay long enough to even care to remember your website.

A clear message is a part of good branding. It is a success factor that many businesses overlook, a factor that made many many major big-name brands today.

3. Not Mobile Friendly

As technology innovates, more and more consumers are more dependent on using their mobile phones in searching for any information online. Smartphone penetration has reached about 78 percent in Singapore, according to a study conducted by Statista, making Singapore one of the top countries that use smartphones as a means to access online information.

This is an opportunity for your brand to dive into a bigger pool of consumers. Making your website mobile-friendly is like opening a new store or a new entrance door for your customers where they can purchase your product or service more conveniently.

4. Three Second Rule

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow website.

If your site takes too long to load, the user will think of clicking back to the search results page which can damage your site’s statistics. Even in e-commerce web design, three-second loading time is already too long. Everyone wants to see the information they are looking for fast. According to Google, 53% of mobile site visits leave immediately when the page takes longer than three seconds.

Some ways to speed up the loading of your site are improving your hosting plan (switching to a VPS or dedicated option), minimising image sizes (changing the resolution or compressing the image), and making use of caching (storing HTML documents and images.)

5. No Contact Info

Contact pages are often overlooked despite being one of the things new visitors look for in a website. Aside from exerting a page’s credibility, contact pages are already a CTA by itself. The goal of having contact information is still to convert by already giving the consumers an effective method–by getting in touch with you.

6. Navigation

Navigation should always be easy. Getting your consumers confused is the last thing you want. They should be able to easily navigate to find the information they need and not going back and forth that could end in consumer frustration. People typically like it when things work out the way they expect them to because if not, chances are they will leave your website after too much and senseless work.

Web design could be one of the best things you’d do for your business but it takes a lot of work. It is important to be creative in the process but keep in mind that its goal is to make money.

Avoid these common mistakes that can harm your business by getting pro website design services.

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