4 Advantages of a Custom-built Web Design for eCommerce
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4 Competitive edges of a custom-built website

16 Aug 2021

Edit: From 1 April 23, PSG has been reduced to 50% for all sectors.

The internet is saturated with website templates. Why would anyone pay a web developer to build a custom website if they could just use Wix.com or squarespace.com? This is because custom-built websites can better position a business online. 

For any business that is going online, their website could form the first impression given to customers. There are many factors which contribute to the first impression left. This includes website aesthetics, organisation, ease of use and even speed. 

1. Incorporate company branding

With a custom-built website, companies can stand out from the crowd by incorporating their individual branding. This can give the business a competitive edge. Websites which tell a brand story often come off as more reliable. The branding will leave a longer lasting impression on customers who visit the website, making it more likely for them to return directly to the website. 

2. Scalability

The scalability of custom-built websites allows the company to modify their website according to the company’s growth and focus. By hiring a web developer, the company gets to enjoy the benefits of having a content management system (CMS). Businesses can then keep the website updated from anywhere. This is important since it is unpredictable whether the business will undergo changes which require website updates.

3. Responsiveness and speed across different devices and browsers

Not all website templates are responsive across different devices and browsers. They could be outdated in their codes. However, a web developer can test and ensure that the website works on the various browsers. As these browsers are constantly improving, meeting their latest standards will give companies a greater chance to edge over competitors. Over 90% of the global population browse the internet on a mobile device. This further proves how important it is for a website to have a mobile responsive layout. Web developers are also able to modify their own codes to shorten loading time. Loading speed will make a difference to the user experience of the website and custom websites usually fare better than templates.

4. Search Engine friendly

Custom-built websites are more search engine friendly than website templates. Many web developers have SEO knowledge and will include it in their coding process to improve the SEO of the website, allowing the company to rank higher on search engines. Appearing on the first page of a search engine after paid advertisements increases credibility of the website. The codes for some templates could be outdated, losing out on the latest way Google ranks websites. This could be problematic since people might not even reach the company website. 

Why then do some opt for website templates? 

Undeniably, a custom-built website will put a bigger dent in pockets compared to a website template. It is also likely to take more time to complete due to the complexity and time consuming process. 

Different businesses have their own needs. If you are looking for a scalable, search engine-friendly and unique website, then a custom web design would be more ideal. The added benefit of a CMS would also save the cost of keeping the website updated and well maintained.

Fortunately, with the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), eligible Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can kick-start their ecommerce journey with an 80% subsidy. As eFusion Technology is also a pre-approved vendor, you may contact us today for a quotation. 

We have over 15 years of quality web development experience and an extensive portfolio including corporate websites. We provide recommendations on strategic content placements to best convey the organisation’s message and communicate closely with clients regarding their aesthetic preferences. eFusion Technology is committed to delivering an exceptional user experience to your website visitors. 

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