Accepting Payments

Accept the major credit and debit cards and other payment methods your customers demand. Support deferred processing and integrate with your exisiting inventory systems.

Credit and debit cards

Our service enables you to accept a wide range of credit and debit cards, including:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Switch
  • Electron
  • Diners
  • JCB
  • ELV (Germany)
  • American Express (on request)
  • Laser (Republic of Ireland) and many more.

Deferred processing and inventory

You can opt to have your customers’ payments processed in ‘real-time’ (payments are automatically routed to the appropriate bank for authorisation) or deferred (you review your customers’ orders and payment details before they are processed). You can also opt to pass order information from our payment system to your inventory and stock management systems.

Multiple Currencies

Domestic and multi-currency processing

You can take payments in up to 144 different currencies and customise the payment language to match the language(s) of your website. You can also select the currency in which you want WorldPay to pay into your bank account.Here are a few examples of the many currencies we support:

  • Australian Dollar
  • Argentine Peso,
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Danish Krone
  • Euro
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Malaysian Ringitt
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Norwegian Krone
  • Pounds Sterling
  • Rand
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Sri Lanka Rupee
  • Sweden Krona
  • Swiss Franc
  • Turkish Lira
  • US Dollar

Shopping Cart Integration

Easy integration of your shopping cart with WorldPay

A prime factor in the success of your online store is the shopping cart software you use to sell your services and products.A wide selection of the leading shopping carts integrate with the WorldPay payment system, which makes it easy for you to build an internet site for selling products. WorldPay and your shopping cart provider will provide full technical support, software cartridges where appropriate, and technical documentation to help you integrate your store and your shopping cart package with WorldPay.

Account Management

Our payment processing service includes an online management system to help you manage our payment service.

Management and control

The management system enables you to review, report and control the payment, settlement, and anti-fraud information we process for you. Because it’s online, you can access your accounts at any time.Customising the service
The management system also enables you to customise aspects of the payment service that are visible to your customers, including:

  • modifying its look-and-feel to match the branding of your website
  • presenting it in any language using pre-defined languages we supply (Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish), or defining additional languages yourself
  • adding and modifying the messages that are presented to your customers when they are paying online and in the confirmation emails they receive after doing so.

Service Fee

Our service enables you to accept the widest range of payments, so your customers can pay using the card or payment method they prefer, and the currency and language they know and trust.All through one internet merchant account.

Service Setup Yearly Fee Charges per trans
Credit Card Payment $0 S$650 3.95%


  • Your initial account includes up to three free currencies e.g. SGD, USD, EUR (additional currencies will be included at S$138 each)
  • Competitive service charge of 3.95% (visa/mastercard). Special rates are applicable for charitable and non-profit organisation
  • S$7.00 per transfer for SGD remiitance (does not include intermediary charges levied by your bank)
  • Minimum remittance amount S$270
  • Fraud Detection Monitoring at S$0.16 per transaction
  • Standard chargeback admin fee @ S$28 per chargeback
  • Remittance is made weekly after a redemption period of 4-8 weeks

World Direct (basic)

  • Accept Amex, Visa, Mastercard and other major credit cards and debit cards
  • Accept multi-currency processing; allows transactions over 120 currrencies
  • You can choose any 14 different settlement currencies
  • Fast application – your application can be approved in just 48 hours
  • Flexible – no trading history is required, over 90% of applicants are approved
  • Secure – leading-edge security and anti-fraud solutions trusted by businesses around the world
  • Pay to any of your bank account
  • Guaranteed – Protection against financial loss for physical goods sales due to fraus (the WorldPay guarantee)
  • Real-time transaction processing – from customers account to your WorldPay account
  • Online Customer Management System (CMS) showing all transactions
  • Easy integration with shopping carts and store building tools
  • 24×7 support by WorldPay

World Access (intermediate)

  • Allows you the flexibility to charge your customer offline by phone, fax, post or any offline channels
  • Provides faster startup for new online stores while waiting for integration with WorldPay
  • Immediate use with given user ID and password access to a secure WorldPay site
  • One time setup fee of S$138

Future Pay (advanced)

  • Suitable for managing scheduled payments payable weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Ideal for subscription and service payments
  • Minimise paperwork and administration of regular payments and thus reduces the cost of collecting those payments
  • One time setup fee of S$280
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