Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Efusion optimizes your website to gain better search rankings. SEO is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available and we guarantee the results.


effective SEO = Top in Search Engine ranking

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most important aspects that needs to be considered when starting your online presence. Why? Well you could have the best product/service ever and the most beautiful website with all the bells and whistles imaginable; though without a way for people to find it; it is just an expense you do not need.

What is SEO, really?

SEO is configuring a website so that it has a chance to show up in a search result for a particular phrase and ideally on the first page. In other words it is a way of telling Yahoo, Google or MSN what we think our site is about. All search engines have a slightly different formula for how they determine these results. But in short, they look at different factors of each website page, rank them and then give those results to you.

Here at Efusion Technology we practice what we preach; below are a few examples of our unpaid rankings on Google (SG):

Keyword Ranking
cms developer #1
content management system #1
ecommerce #1
edm design #1
mass email #4
ecommerce designer #1
paypal integration #8
point of sale #3
web design #1
web designer #1
web development #1

* rankings correct as of date of publishing. 7 Jul 15

For more examples of our SEO please contact us.

Some of the deliverables

  1. Search engine submission
  2. On-page optimization (making your website search engine friendly)
  3. Off-page optimization (making your website popular so search engine likes it)
  4. Creating sitemap
  5. and some trade secrets...


We practice 100% white hat methods and follow all of Google's webmaster guidelines.