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Copper Basin Capital

Established in Singapore for over a decade since October 2006, the firm was originally known as Sansar Capital Asia Pte. Ltd. Over the years, it provided fund management and/or accounting and operational support services for the Sansar Capital funds together with Sansar Capital Management, LLC, a New York based investment management firm. The Sansar Capital funds invested primarily in Asia with peak Assets under Management totalling US$3.4 billion (SGD 4.9 billion).

In 2017, Sansar Capital Asia Pte. Ltd. renamed itself to Copper Basin Capital Pte. Ltd. and established an index fund platform to allow investors to passively track each sector within the MSCI AC Asia Index (MXAS). Copper Basin Capital Pte. Ltd. continues to provide operational and accounting support services to the Sansar Capital funds managed from New York by Sansar Capital Management, LLC.

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