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We are raw, unadulterated, unpasteurized goodness that retains the thai coconut’s delicate flavor and nutrients.

Case Study

Featured in as one of the coconut water brands that has made coconut water a fashionable beverage, cocoloco sells and delivers imported raw, fresh and pure Thai coconut water right to your door step! Coconut water has become a worldwide trend becoming known for providing nutritional value for the increasingly health-conscious diet. Cocoloco started their business by importing these sweet delicious coconuts and with the rise of the trend started packaging them in ready to go bottles.

Focused on targeting the young community, cocoloco wanted fresh coconut water to be convenient for purchase where you can decide the day and time to receive them. We worked closely together to build and customize a one stop ecommerce website which reflects just that. The design is simple yet contemporary and elegant, making it convenient to purchase bottles of sweet pure fresh Thai coconut water online.

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