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Handcrafted with Passion & Patience
More than anything, Bynd Artisan is a tribute to the enduring excellence of a small band of locally trained artisans, schooled in the traditional ways of bookbinding and leather working. We are privileged to have five such remarkable individuals in our atelier.

Through a lifetime of practice and learning, each is a wellspring of experience and knowledge. From the characteristics of different papers, to the intricacies of thread and wire bindings, covers, fasteners, they understand how all these wonderful details can come together in their hands. We are proud to be able to share their works with you.

Case Study

The story of Bynd Artisan is inextricably tied to the lives of our master craftsmen and to the legacy of our founding company, which spans a period of over 60 years today. Through the years, the business of bookbinding has moved inexorably with the progress of technology.

Bynd Artisan won Singapore Tourism Board’s Best Shopping Experience Award in 2017.

The previous Singapore website needed a revamp for:

  1. Mobile responsiveness
  2. UI/UX improvement
  3. Stronger branding using visuals

Their current website is now 100% mobile responsive. The E-shop is presented in a neater way with improved navigation. We provided training for staff so that they could easily update content on the website.

Besides the points mentioned above, the new site also has:

  1. Stronger brand story presentation
  2. Notebook customization online tool with live previews and online purchasing
  3. Leather product customization online tool with live previews and online purchasing
  4. Workshop calendar integrated with workshop purchase
  5. Improved scalability

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