eNETS provides fast, secure, reliable online credit card payment processing. This service is available worldwide and authorization of transactions is executed within seconds.

eNETS provides a secure connection between your e-commerce website and financial institutions that settle credit card transactions. Complete transaction security and integrity is delivered via Secure Socket Layer (SSL), VerifiedByVisa (VbyV) and MasterCard SecureCode, protecting both the customer and merchant against fraud and tampering.

eNETS can also support mobile payment transactions using credit cards. How does it work?
When a customer places an order on your website, the payment information is securely transmitted to our credit card server.

Upon receiving the payment information, a transaction authorization is routed to the appropriate financial institution and, ultimately, the card association (Visa, MasterCard, Amex). Your customer’s credit card bank (also known as issuing bank) returns an authorization to eNETS. Upon receiving the authorization, eNETS sends a message to you providing a status of the transaction.

The payment process completes when the card-issuing bank transfers funds to your bank account.

Is my web site required to be residing with NETS to use eNETS credit card services?

No, the web site can be residing with any company in any part of the world.

Which platform must my web server be running on?

Our module is server independent. The only requirement is for the server to support http / https re-direction.

What particular products or services must I sell over my web-site?

There is no restriction on the type of products or services that can be sold through eNETS, as long as it is not against the law of Singapore and the country in which the business is dominated.

Do I, as a merchant, need to purchase any hardware or software?

No additional hardware or software purchase is required.

Why should my business subscribe to eNETS services instead of building our own in-house E-payment application?

The investment outlay to build your own e–payment application is at least 5 times higher than subscribing to eNETS. You will also be required to contact with a bank for a direct linkage to their credit authorizing facilities.

Also, e-commerce being a time–critical process requires stringent operational procedures and maintenance. eNETS being an outsourced service will undertake the operational and maintenance aspect of the infrastructure–providing a 24×7 hour a week uptime for transactions.

How long is the application process?

NETS will process your application between 7 – 10 working days.

Can I use any bank account?

Yes, you can use any account with any of the banks in Singapore.

Is the transaction performed at real-time?

From the moment the customer submits his credit card details, the transaction is forwarded via NETS’ gateway for instant validation/verification by the bank.

The bank will validate the transaction via an acceptance or declination code, which will be returned to both the merchant and customer.

Example Case Studies


Sam is a young technopreneur thinking of marketing his newly developed computer parts on the Internet. He has an existing website but no shopping cart or payment facilities. As he has only a few products to market, he does not wish to invest too much on a shopping cart or payment gateway. He is searching for a system that allows him to collect payment prior to the delivery of the order.

Solution: Take on eNETS Payment Services (eNPS) to create a customised order taking and payment page. Sam can view the status of any order or payment at any time by logging in to our server prior to fulfilling an order.


May runs an online gift store. She has a steady flow of working adults that purchase gifts on her website. She has noticed a growing number of younger people buying cute soft toys and gifts for friends using their parents’ Credit Cards. She worries about the increased risk of Credit Card repudiation but she knows there is a market there that she needs to address. She is thinking hard about how she can increase her share of this market without taking on more risk.

Solution: Extend payments to include direct debit from bank account and eNETS Virtual Account. This will enable younger people who have an Internet Banking or an eNETS Virtual Account to make payments to you.


Example A
A Polytechnic collects its school fees quarterly. As most students pay their fees via cheque or cash, the school finance department gets frustrated each quarter as they have to work overtime to process these payments. They would prefer a seamless payment mechanism that will reduce the manual process. The Polytechnic has no website.

Solution: Take on eNETS Payment Services and create a customised order taking and payment page that will capture the required information.

Example B
A Country Club collects membership fees on a monthly basis. Most members mail a cheque or pay cash over the counter. Members are busy professionals and can sometimes overlook payments. It is administratively cumbersome to remind members of their overdue fees. The administrators wish for a more convenient mode of payment whereby members can pay them from anywhere, at anytime and using any device. The Country Club has its own website.

Solution: Take on eNETS Payment Services and create a customised order taking and payment page that will capture the required information. Subscribe for the eNETS YW8 service and enable members to pay via mobile phone.


Willy sells mobile phone ringtones and games mostly to customers that are under 25 years of age. Each download costs between $1-$2 and most of his customers do not have a Credit Card. He would like to use Direct Debit but the minimum per transaction cost is too high in relation to the sales price.

Solution: Get customers to pay using their eNETS Virtual Account. There is no transaction fee imposed on your customers and they can top-up using Internet Banking, credit card or GIRO.


Liliane has an online store that markets expensive, high-end beauty care products. 65% of her customers live overseas and most of them are in the upper income bracket. She needs an online payment solution for her business.

Solution: Opt for our credit card solution. We support multi-currencies. You can also use eNETS direct debit service that allows your customers in Singapore to pay from their bank account. What’s more if you want to expand into China, eNETS direct debit service has access to over 20 major banks in China. You can be sure everyone can now pay to you!


Service Fee

Service Setup Yearly Charge per trans
(Credit Card)
Charge per trans
(Direct Debit)
Value Pack (UMAPILite) $250 $200++ 4.0% 3.5% OR Minimum of $1.50
Professional Pack (UMAPI) $1200 $800++ 4.0% 3.5% OR Minimum of $1.50

Correct as of: 5th September 2012.

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