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eFusion is a leading provider of permission-based email marketing solutions, strategy and services. Backed by the strongest commitment to client success in the industry, a dedicated client services team, unrivaled expertise in email marketing best practices and the best people and technology, eFusion is your partner for email marketing success.

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Dynamic Content Generation

With dynamic programming technology, you can customise or personalise the content of each outbound email according to parameters in each recipients’ database record. For example, recipients in other countries may see a different regional phone number from those email recipients in Singapore. You can dynamically include images, barcodes, paragraphs, words, numbers, or any content imaginable, based on any database field you select.

Bounce-back Handling

eFusion’s bounce handling technology is not only unique, it’s a tremendous time saver. When emails are bounced, our system picks them up, reads them, and determines the originating email. Bounces are then flagged in the source database in real time.

Dedicated Servers

We use dedicated servers and IP addresses for email sending so that your emails will not get marked as ‘junk mail’ or blocked by spam filters so easily. We constantly monitor changes in spam filtering technology so that your email campaigns will always reach your recipients.


We track and report email opens and click-throughs, so you know who’s active. After eliminating dead email accounts, you can save more for your next campaign. You can also track your marketing effectiveness from the reports provided.


Our creative team will design your newsletter or emailer so they are aesthetically appealing and professional looking. Furthermore, a professionally done EDM design will load faster on the recipient’s end as we use the best coding practices to ensure effective delivery.

Our Clients

  • Schneider Electric
  • Singapore Sports Council
  • Singapore GP
  • Triathlon Association of Singapore
  • Enterprise Sports Group(Great Eastern Women10k, Cold Storage Kids Run etc)
  • Club 21
  • Prime Minister Office
  • Singapore Children’s Society
  • Great Eastern
Check Out Our Extensive Portfolio

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