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Lim Kim Hai

Lim Kim Hai Electric Co (S) Pte Ltd brings together the best brands of products and the highest standards of services all under one roof. They are in service of various industries that require high quality electrical, industrial control, lighting, instrumentation and workplace safety solutions.

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Case Study

Lim Kim Hai Group of Companies is Singapore’s leading distributor of electrical, control, lighting and safety products and accessories. eFusion Technology had worked closely with Lim Kim Hai to design the front of ElectGo, their online store. Satisfied with the design for ElectGo, Lim Kim Hai approached eFusion Technology to design and develop their corporate websites; Precicon, Taisin, Lim Kim Hai and Industry 4.0 Precicon. Precicon was established as a solution provider and showed their professional experience in the industry, Taisin provided the catalogue and portfolio for their electric cables and Lim Kim Hai website introduced electrical parts that were sold in ElectGo. However, the old websites had confusing sitemap and were not SEO friendly.

For all the websites, eFusion Technology had worked closely with Lim Kim Hai Group of Companies through both design and development of the websites.

  1. Every website had been designed to clearly establish the brand identity of each group. For example, Precicon had been designed to reflect itself as a leading solution provider while ElectGo has been designed as approachable and professional to encourage sales of the products in their e-store.
  2. The team designed and implemented Interactive components like videos, transitions and interactive graphics to encourage users to browse further while showing the capabilities of the brand, their products or their services in the industry. This can be seen from circle chart for the categories in Precicon and image grid with animated numbers and GIF in Taisin.
  3. The team also closely coordinated with Lim Kim Hai on re-organising their information architecture, ensuring users are able to navigate the website with ease.
  4. eFusion Technology also advised on keywords and content for the websites and blog articles to improve their SEO rating.
  5. To encourage sales and promote ElectGo, their e-store, the product catalogues in the websites would direct user to the online store if they are interested to make immediate purchase or enquiry on the products.

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