SMS Marketing

At Efusion we provide you with simple, reliable and high-speed Bulk SMS messaging services. Our "any message, anywhere" solutions allow businesses and communities to 'talk' to their customers in an immediate and personal way, no matter which communication device they use.

Typical usuage of bulk SMS messaging

  • order or delivery alerts
  • emergency alerts
  • 2 factors authentications
  • booking acknowledgements
  • reminders

NO to GSM modem based SMS sending

Our system can easily send more than 5,000 SMS messages in one minute and you can do number 'masking'. You do not have to purchase and install GSM modem like what some providers are offering. For using GSM modem, you still need to fork out monthly charges for the SIM card subscription.

GSM modem can only send maximum 20 SMS in one minute - and that is slow! Imagine scheduling a modem based system to send 8000 SMS which takes 10 hr - Worst case is when your recipients received the SMS in the middle of the night! Your recipients can also see your sender number which appears so unprofessional.

Start sending messages (SMS) today with Efusion's easy sign-up and real-time connectivity to our global messaging gateways.

Efusion has helped over many businesses grow their revenues and improve their services with SMS messaging. We are building on the success of our SMS service to bring you a new generation of mobile messaging. With 10 in 10 people owning a mobile phone, isn't it time you let Efusion mobilize your business?

Rates at a glance

One time Setup Each SMS rate
SGD$150 $0.06
* Minimum quantity of 5,000 for each time credit top-up


  • GEOX
  • Borneo Motors
  • Cheong Hock Guan Water Heater (707)
  • Uber Sports