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5 reasons why responsive web design is important

A responsive web design fits in any screen size of any device, giving the user a great user experience. So whether you’re visiting a responsive website from a mobile device, tablet, or from a desktop computer, you will get the same smooth browsing experience and you don’t have to zoom in or zoom out the web pages to view them…
EFusion Technology
November 13, 2018

Why you need white space in your website’s design

White space is also known as “negative space” and it refers to the blank areas or empty space surrounding elements on a page. It doesn’t necessarily need to be white, any type of blank area is applicable. Some people think of it as a waste of space – why leave it blank when you can fill it in with more…
EFusion Technology
October 9, 2018

8 factors to look out when choosing a Web Design Company in Singapore

With more companies competing against each other in the web development world. It has become more difficulty to find a company that suits your needs when creating a website. Here are some points you can look out for when finding a web design company. 1. Check their office size and location To determine their legitimacy. It is good to know…
EFusion Technology
July 26, 2018

20 Web Design Jargon You Should Know

FRONT END DEVELOPMENT - Everything you see when you access the website from the pictures to the text. BACK END DEVELOPMENT - Everything that you can’t see that makes the website work, for example how a submission button works. FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL - One of the method to transfer files from computer to computer CACHE - Some of the elements…
EFusion Technology
July 12, 2018

Why we’re more likely to remember content with Images and Videos (Infographic)

If you want someone to remember your message--in a presentation, an article, or a report--tell them a story. With the short attention span of modern web users and for aesthetical reasons - having less texts on your frontpage is the way to go. Read the full article here http://www.fastcompany.com/3035856/hit-the-ground-running/why-were-more-likely-to-remember-content-with-images-and-video-infogr
EFusion Technology
October 27, 2014

Why Your Web site Needs a Good & Professional Web Design

Every wise business owner agrees that the world today has become extremely competitive and in order to be successful in this competitive world of business one needs to find ways to create an edge and stand out from their competitors. In lieu of this situation, it has become totally imperative for a business to come up with their very own…
EFusion Technology
July 18, 2011

More Web Design Tips

Nowadays, in this trendy world, people get very uptight when they do not look entirely presentable. This would also be the case in web designing. Every individual would definitely want their website to look good, if not, to the best they can. Here are a few things we could look out for when wanting to create a professional looking webpage. Color…
EFusion Technology
February 17, 2011

Design Practices That Die Die Should Follow

Your web site is where your business resides. It is like the headquarter of an offline company. Hence, it is important to practise good design principles to make sure your website reaches out to the maximum number of visitors and sells to as many people as possible. Make sure you have clear directions on the navigation of your website. The…
EFusion Technology
November 9, 2010

Generating Money With Website planning

For anything to work as expected, care must be taken to make firm, workable plans to execute it and the same goes for web design. With a well thought out web site design, you will be able to create a site that generates multiple streams of revenue for you. In fact, many websites turn into online wasteland because they are…
EFusion Technology
October 26, 2010