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Site Navigation: Finding your Products

Don’t you hate looking for a product to buy and getting routed through several web pages before you even see a picture of the product? Everyone else does too. If you want visitors to turn into customers, creating an eCommerce site that is easy to navigate is paramount.


Think of navigation on an airplane or on a ship. The navigational system lets you know that you are heading where you want to go. It also signals you when you are off-course.

You can use site maps for navigating your website. A site map lists the breakdown of where you can find useful information on the site. It includes topic headings and links to those pages. Visiting a site map can take the customer to the general area or the specific place that they want to go.

There is a rule that many website owners follow: Take fewer than three clicks to reach any destination. A customer who has to click more than that will find a site that does work with this rule. Poorly navigated sites lose plenty of business before their product is even seen.

From the homepage to the product page needs to be a short trip. Customizing your site with pull down menus, easy to read and click buttons and other design features will assist you in creating a visitor friendly website. When any cursor runs over a clickable link it will turn into a hand or even change color. Testing your links and pages before going live avoids any faulty links that lead to products.

Landing Pages

When you advertise on other sites, you include links to your site. If you are showcasing your products, you will want to link not to the homepage but to a landing page. The landing page can take the potential customer straight to where that product is located on your site. For a category of products, the landing page would take the customer to the location (aisle, if you will) in your virtual storefront where those products are viewed. The customer can click and read a description or click and buy.

Your landing page can be an informational page. It can contain content that talks about that particular type of product with a button at the bottom to click and view it in the virtual store. For eCommerce businesses that want to use customer interest to create email lists, the landing page can include a form for capturing that information before proceeding to the actual product.

Products that are easy to find have a better chance of generating sales. Create a design of your website pages to make it easier to link them together.