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Selling Digital Products

When you think of selling products online, most people envision getting a big box delivered by the postman to their door. Physical products are not the only ones sold by online businesses. Digital products are a hot commodity in the eCommerce market.

Selling physical products requires a lot of preparation on your website. You want to make the products visible via photos, create landing pages, market them elsewhere and create a reliable shopping cart process meets the customer’s needs. This process is different when it comes to digital products.

Digital products can be received in either of two ways: in the mail or downloaded directly to the customer’s computer. Most online businesses opt to offer downloads since they are easy to receive and require no inventory other than the initial files containing the products.

But, how do you get the products to the customers securely without being scammed yourself? Here are some thoughts on that.

Payment Methods

The issue of e-payments is still an issue with digital products. Customers pay at the time of purchase just like for any other product. If you want to accept credit card payments, you will need:

• Internet Merchant Account
• Merchant Bank Account
• Payment Gateway Account

A payment receipt still needs to be generated for your records and also for the customer if something should go wrong with the download. Credit card purchases of digital products are still subject to charge backs from the credit card company.

Using a third party P2P (Person to Person) payment method is popular for digital products. PayPal functions in this way. To create an account, a customer or business owner just needs an email address to associate with the account and a bank account for verification. On your site, payments are transacted by entering an email address. The customer is directed to their PayPal account where they securely sign in. Once there, they verify that they want to make the transaction. When this is complete they are sent back to the product website for confirmation.

Getting Digital Products to Customers

Your digital products can be stored in a password-protected directory on your site. This is to keep just anyone from accessing it. When the customer pays, they will receive the login and password and the link to that particular digital product. Ask your customers not to share the link with anyone else.

If you don’t want to organize it this way, you can use digital download systems that offer you everything you need to conduct your digital product business for a monthly fee. Examples of this include PayLoadz ( and ClickBank (

Digital products are hot right now. Setting up a digital product eCommerce business means low overhead and more profit. Use a system that allows you to easily get your products to customers and their payments to you.