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How to Choose a Good Web Design Company

There are more than a million web design companies all over the planet that exist today. It is a very crucial task for a client when it comes to deciding on a company. The process of choosing and waiting on a company is sometime underestimated which is bad practice. It is a fact that a good website will bring in more business and a bad one will drive traffic away. A good website also talks about the personality of the company.

It is important that the client is clear on what the website has to speak. The target audience, web content, ideas and suggestions and all the features should be finalized well in advance. Once that phase is done, good web design companies can be shortlisted.
Here are a few questions that should be made clear before you choose on a company and we have our replies below

  1. Is their portfolio expressive, impressive and inviting?
    • Check out our portfolio here
  2. Do they agree to let you get connected with their past clients for feedback?
    • No problem at Efusion
  3. Do they have a standard methodology that they follow for each new project?
    • Yes of course, if not how can we create so many websites is such short time period?
  4. Can they start work on your project at the exact date you want them to?
    • We can start in 1 week time upon confirmation
  5. Will they submit your website to all the performing search engines?
    • This is easy with Efusion
  6. What is the mode of payment that needs to be followed and how much should be paid in advance?
    • 30% up-front by cheque or bank transfer – to your convenience
  7. Is all the work done by the team in house or is there any outsourcing?
    • At Efusion, all work are done in house
  8. Will the company maintain the website even after the initial design?
    • Our support is lifetime
  9. Who retains the intellectual property rights of the website and the domain?
    • The client of course
  10. Will the project be delivered at the exact date mentioned?
    • We’ve never failed our promises. Refer to point 2