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Different Types of eCommerce Sites You Can Create

Are you interested in eCommerce? It is the wave of the now and the future. Technology allows businesses to conduct their transactions online as another way of doing business.

What can you do on an eCommerce site you ask? It is not just for sales. Depending on the base of operations for your business, the site can be used for a variety of purposes which you will find out about in just a few minutes.

Virtual Storefronts – These are the sites you see when you are looking to shop online. With a transactional site like this, you can do everything in one place. It gives new meaning to “one-stop shopping.” Shoppers can shop a virtual store much like they would a physical one.

Menus allow them to choose product categories and narrow their searches. Once items have been selected, they can be placed in a virtual basket or cart. When shopping is complete, they can checkout with the cashier and get confirmation of their purchase.

Many types of products are sold on virtual storefronts. You are only limited by what you can practically deliver to your clients and still make a profit for your business.

Information Sites – Here, the goal is making the sale but not on the website. Companies with physical stores can use this type of site to advertise for their products. Large corporations utilize this type of site to gain interest in their product.

One of the main reasons that people surf the Internet is to find information. Let’s say that you wanted to buy a car but didn’t want to spend the entire day and half a tank of gas driving to dealerships. Instead, visiting informational sites for cars can assist you in your car purchasing decisions.

These sites provide content on the products, like cars, that they sell. Visitors can see pictures and/or videos of the products as well as descriptions, pricing and location information.

Marketplaces – Have you heard of eBay? Unless you are a hermit, you probably have. In a marketplace eCommerce setting, a middleman brings sellers and buyers together to transact business. Items for sale can be purchased directly or through a bidding process as with eBay.

In this arena, there are several businesses working in one area at the same time. Because it is the virtual world, there is room for expansion into bigger spaces as your business grows. The beauty here is that much of what you will need to do to get prepared for eCommerce is laid out for you.

Food for thought: Know what type of site you want to begin with. Online businesses can use one or more of these types of sites to flesh out their business and be visible to the maximum amount of consumers.