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Buying Shopping Cart Software

If your eCommerce site will be used to run a virtual store, your customers will need to be able to select the items they want as they continue to shop. In other words, they need a shopping cart. Learn about buying shopping cart software to enhance your online business.

What is shopping cart software? It is represented by the icon of a basket or shopping cart at the top of your product pages. It lets customers know that they can select as many items as they want to buy and put them someplace until they are ready to checkout.

The shopping cart online is similar to your shopping cart in the grocery store. You can place whatever you want into it, remove items you decide you don’t want and keep a running tally on the untaxed cost of the items before hitting the checkout.

But, to incorporate a shopping cart into your store, you’ll need the software that enables you to do so. Until you look, you’ll never know how many shopping cart software packages there are out there.

Features of Shopping Cart Software

When it comes to buying software, you want to get what you pay for. There is more to setting up shop online than just displaying the icon. Many people are frightened by software especially when the instructions use long words.

  • Choose a software package that is easy to install. The use of wizards guides you through each step with help menus available in case you get stuck or have a question. Shopping carts can be integrated into websites where no store existed before.
  • Choose a package that is search-engine friendly. You want customers to be able to find your learn about your products. Use optimized keywords throughout product descriptions. Images that have the option of being viewed as thumbnails and as larger images are great for attracting customers.
  • All shopping carts don’t have to look the same. Software that allows you to customize your shopping cart and your store let you field your own style. This includes types of buttons to navigate your way through the store and pull down menus.

There is a price to buy the software. Depending on your needs, this price can run from a little over $100 to over $1,000. For small businesses with few products, the most expensive shopping cart on the market is not feasible.

Shopping cart software programs are designed to meet the various needs to the merchant. In addition to what the features discussed above, it helps you to:

  • Create and input coupon codes
  • Manage inventory
  • Track shipments
  • Keep a customer address book
  • Web hosting
  • Set up a merchant account/gateway
  • Create reports
  • Establish secure payment network

There are many considerations for shopping cart software. Choose the one that works best for the lowest fee.