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Xfers provides an unified bank transfer and credit card payment checkout flow. Spend less time developing and managing your own payment solutions. Jumpstart your Xfers integration with e-commerce plugins. 

With Xfers API, bid goodbye to manual verification and reconciliation of bank transfers. Save business hours spent on manually reconciling your bank transfer payments. Xfers API automates internet bank transfers payments in real-time so you don't have to!

With Xfers Checkout (Redirect), you can enable both bank transfer payments and credit card payments on your online store. We take care of the hard development work, so you can focus on improving what really matters for your business - driving sales and increasing revenue.

The payment process completes when the bank transfers funds to your bank account.

  • No Setup or Monthly Fees
    You only pay for the transactions you process

  • Payment Flow
    Hosted and provided by Xfers

  • No Hidden Costs
    We have no signup fees, and never charge for card storage, reporting, or PCI-compliance

More features without extra fees

  • Incomplete bank transfer reminders via sms or emails
  • Multi-channel payment methods
  • Fast deposits to your bank account
  • Detailed overview of transactions
  • Increased revenue with dynamic pricing
  • Flexible and streamlined integration
  • Automated bank transfer payments
  • No inactivity fees

Transaction Fee

Payment method Rates
Bank Transfer Payment 1% capped at $5 (whichever is lower)
Credit Card (Local Visa/Mastercard) 3.4% + %0.50 (starting rate)
Credit Card (International Visa/ Mastercard/Amex) 3.5% + %0.50 (starting rate)

Correct as of: 27th February 2017.