Red Dot Payment

reddotPayment Gateway – RDP Connect

As the digital counterpart to point-of-sales terminals in physical stores, RDP Connect is the easiest way to make payment online. Red Dot Payment integrates seamlessly with Magento, OSCommerce, Prestashop and Joomla.

Gain through RDP Connect

With their Payment Gateway services, you will be able to:

  • Collect your payments immediately
  • Connect seamlessly to international card schemes like Visa, Mastercard etc.
  • Convert your website to an online shop with efficient service
  • Create a smooth payment experience for your customers

Use RDP Connect when:

  • You have an existing e-commerce website.
  • You want your customers to stay on your website during the whole transaction, even during payment.
  • You are looking to transform your website into an online e-commerce website.


Service Charge per trans
(Credit Card)
Charge per trans
Red Dot Payment 3% + SGD 0.3 2.8% + SGD 0.3

*One-time setup fee of SGD 250 applies.