Problem Solving Tips

There are a number of reasons for system crashes, the following is a list of the main problems that can arise and the way to fix them:

  1. Hardware failure, this one we don't have control over it. If the crash is due to a hardware failure, the hardware has to be fixed first. Please note that hardware failure can cause havoc to your data, it should be fixed promptly.

  2. Problems arise after a power Brownout or Black out. This problem will normally be easily fixed by going to MAINTENANCE > FILES REINDEX and tick all options and Click Proceed. You must have all other instances of the program closed when you do that. We also recommend an Uninterruptible supply (UPS) to stop this kind of a problem that will arise due to power failures.

  3. Problem after an upgrade. Sometime, after applying a new upgrade, you notice problems, this will normally happen if the upgrade was not applied properly. The best course of action is to make sure you have made a backup before the upgrade, then you just restore that backup, and try the upgrade again.

  4. Virus infected system. This problem could be one of the hardest to fix, depending on the virus and how much damage it has caused on your system. Sometime, the system has to be formatted and all data has to be re-entered, but in most cases, we can help by checking the integrity of your data if you email it to us.

  5. Problems due to an operating system. We have found that earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows 98 and ME can be very troublesome due to bugs in the Windows operating system itself. We highly recommend using either Windows 2000 or XP (service pack 1 and over), both are fairly stable. If you do have Windows ME or 98, we highly recommend dumping it ASAP and installing 2000 or XP with SP1 or SP2.

  6. Make sure the default printer is the reports printer and not the POS printer.

  7. The system uses the Windows default printer as the reports printer, so if the POS printer was assigned as the Windows default printer, it can only show 40 characters instead of the 80 characters. Even if you are not planning to use report printer, you must still install a reports printer driver under Windows and make it as the default.

  8. It will help us to know the version number of the program, it is on the very first screen that appears after running the program (top left hand side), if the screen is too fast, just enable the password option by entering a password for the Master User in MAINTENANCE > USERS FILE MAINTENANCE and Click Modify on the first user, then enter a password there, save and then restart the system.