How to add network users

If you need to add network users to the system, you must have purchased the network version of the program, then you have to decide which computer system will act as your server (it does not have to be a dedicated server). Make sure the hard disk drive on the server is fully sharable, to do that, click on My Computer, Right Click on the C: drive and choose SHARING AND SECURITY then give the drive a Share Name such as SERVERC and give it full access, if successful, you will see a hand under the C: drive icon. Then, create a short cut on each station as follows (let us assume your server name is SERVER and the drive share name is SERVERC) in the short cut enter \\SERVER\SERVERC\RMAN.EXE and in the START IN field in the short cut properties you must also enter \\SERVER\SERVERC . Please note the names of the server and the drive share name must follow the DOS path conventions of 8 characters or less and no spaces, otherwise you will be receiving program errors every time you try to run the program. Please note if you have a heavy workload on the program, then a dedicated server is recommended.